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  1. Emu Loader is the best to filter MAME roms and copy/move to a specific folder. I classify in horizontal and vertical.
  2. @Kondorito, não funcionou.
  3. Could be implemented an online MAME db?
  4. Quando chegar em casa, vou tentar e lhe digo! Obrigado!
  5. Olá, @Kondorito! Eu não sei o nome dos jogos que não foram importados. Poderia ser mostrada uma lista com o que não foi importado. Usei o front-end Emu Loader (muito bom!) para filtrar minhas roms (split) e copiá-las para as pastas horizontal e vertical. Só há roms que funcionam e originais (não-clones). Quando as importo para o Launchbox, desmarco todas as opções de filtro e deixo marcada a opção de importar tudo, mas, mesmo assim, não funciona. Minhas roms são 0.198. Obrigado!
  6. What is the MAME db version in Launchbox? I'm losing 83 roms on import. 🙁 Thanks.
  7. @Chris Kant, see the new options "Save Content Directory Overrides" and "Save Content Directory Remap File" in RetroArch. Override, Presets & Remap Improvements If you want separate cores with individual internal options, then use the core splitter.
  8. lfan

    [Solved] Duplicate Images

    I discovered the reason. The images backup folder was in the same folder as the images.
  9. Hi! I'm organizing and inserting the artworks manually. The images are displayed, BUT in duplicate. What could be wrong? Thanks!
  10. News (05/10/2018): FB Alpha 2012 Neo Geo - Batch file.
  11. Do you want more batch files? Give me suggestions.
  12. @Kondorito, did you test the Beetle PCE FAST batch?
  13. @Kondorito, does the main core could be for PC Engine (mednafen_pce_fast_libretro.dll) and the new for PC Engine CD (mednafen_pce_fast_libretro-cd.dll)? I didn't understand why a new core for TurboGrafx-16.
  14. OK, @Kondorito! Maybe today or tomorrow.
  15. I was looking for it too! Mainly to use different shaders/overlays/overrides in my favorite core. I changed the le_el code to all new cores have yours options saved individually in retroarch-core-options file, and the core name displayed in RetroArch is more friendly, instead of be displayed the file name. And to update the new cores is very easy and fast. Just update de main file and run the batch. (Sorry for my bad English)