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  1. [Nes Cartridge] NesCartDB

    Hi! I didn't understand. I uploaded some images from NesCartDB to LaunchBox DB without problem.
  2. Open - Better compression for Images - Issue #352

    You said everything, emko.
  3. Open - Better compression for Images - Issue #352

    Where can I vote? Thanks!
  4. The NesCartDB is a perfect site to find Nes cartridge images and upload to LaunchBox DB. http://bootgod.dyndns.org:7777
  5. LaunchBox Starts Minimized

    I don't know why, but now the LaunchBox had decided to start maximized. Thanks.
  6. My LaunchBox always starts minimized. What could be? Thanks!
  7. Open - Better compression for Images - Issue #352

    Riot (Radical Image Optimization Tool) is excelent to compress images. Original JPG 2814 x 4768 (600 dpi) - 7,78 MB - https://postimg.org/image/rrvqgw6kb/ Compressed (quality 50%) JPG 2814 x 4768 (72 dpi) - 1,71 MB - https://postimg.org/image/asms1mvcr/ Riot: http://luci.criosweb.ro/riot/
  8. LIST OF SHADERS 3DFX by leileilol ArtifactColors by flyguy/HunterK. CRT-Aperture by Easymode CRT-cgwg by cgwg CRT-Easymode by Easymode CRT-Geom by cgwg, Themaister and DOLLS! CRT-Hyllian by Hylilan CRT-Lottes by Timothy Lottes EGA Filter by VileR (Ported from DOSBox) GTUv50 by Aliaspider Monitor Colors by ??? (No credits listed on the shaders, ported from DOSBox) NTSC by Themaister (I think that's the one used in RetroArch) NTSC by MAME Team PAL-Singlepass (by svofski/HunterK.) R57-PAL (By r57shell/feos/HardWareMan) https://github.com/Matsilagi/reshade-retroarch-shaders https://filthypants.blogspot.com.br/2017/07/retroarch-shaders-ported-to-reshade.html RetroArch Shaders [ReShade].zip
  9. Sometimes the Launchbox names some roms with two names. Example with arcade game: "Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move". When searching for the game in the database, the Launchbox should only consider the name before the slash (/), because "Puzzle Bobble" exists in the database and "Puzzle Bobble / Bust-A-Move" doesn't. PS. There are many arcade games with two names in the title in the Launchbox database. It could be fixed. Thanks!
  10. COMPRESS FILES 7zip multiple files into separate files. Zip multiple files into separate files. COMPRESS FOLDERS 7zip multiple folders into separate files. Zip multiple folders into separate files. Compression level: Ultra. Multithreading: Enabled. 7-Zip (program required) http://www.7-zip.org Place the BAT file where the files or folders are. 7zip .BAT (32 bits).zip 7zip .BAT (64 bits).zip
  11. [Problem] Update Metadata

    The LaunchBox database link was found and the metadata and the images were updated. Maybe a delay on server. Why the space between paragraphs is filled with this characters: &#x0D ? Thanks for all replies!
  12. I added Battle Frenzy (Sega CD) to the LaunchBox database (http://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/78554) but I try update all metadata and nothing is downloaded to my LaunchBox. Why? I've also tried deleting all of my Sega CD collection and including it again. Thanks!
  13. [Problem] Supermodel 0.2a + ReShade 3.0.7

    I always config the ReShade resolution to the same of the emulator. And, even with different resolution, on M2Emulator and PCSX2, that screen problem never occured...
  14. [Problem] Supermodel 0.2a + ReShade 3.0.7

    Thanks for your answer! I created a topic in ReShade forum too. Maybe could have a solution...