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  1. neil9000 you are a superstar, thank you
  2. Hi All I have full license Launchbox/Emu so, in Launchbox say in N64 I select a game, say Goldeneye, I highlight and the game details come on the right hand screen and also a picture, how do i get a preview video in there? I am sure i did it before but can not for the life remember how to do it, its there if I run big box though? cheers all
  3. Gamecube works, just install Dolphin emulator, works great. 😃
  4. Thanks Neil9000 put them there still no joy with the Amiga on retroarch, maybe a compatibility error?copied my working kickstart folder into Retroarch/System I take it that Retroarch installs only on the internal memory as thats all i could find , although I run Launchbox/roms from card cheers
  5. Hi Jason/All Loving the work as ever, couple of questions (I did look but couldn't see the answers honestly 😁) Atari 5200 do i need to put the BIOS somewhere? or is it not working yet Android? Amiga, same do I need to put Kickstart somewhere? or is it not working yet Android? As when I try to run both I just get black screen, sorry if answered before , I did have a look but couldn't see anything. Cheers all
  6. Jason, thanks all going great now, top man and thanks for all the support
  7. Hi All so been playing around however still same issues Galaxy S9 PLUS, If I install the games to the internal memory there is no issue and they show up, however if I install games to the SD card then they do not show, I have tried running the Launchbox programme and files from SD card still no joy. So at present for me the only way to work is to have the programme and games installed on the internal memory (which is not what I want) anyone got any advice or update, appreciate still WIP , cheers all
  8. neil9000 are you aware of being able to write to sd card yet? or still to be implemented? cheers
  9. into settings and enable in there on the front page of launchbox tools- options- legacy - check beta
  10. Your welcome, I had the same issue at first also 😀
  11. you need to install the latest beta version (and no doesnt need big box) cheers
  12. Ahh thanks for reply, maybe Im not going mad after all, though I was doing it correctly!! sure it will come defo cheers
  13. Dragon57 have you been able to write to your SD card and not just the phone memory? if so do you need to give ppermissions? I checked the app on my S9 and it has write access to my SD card It works fine on my phone memory but cant get it to show on my sd card cheers
  14. Hi Skidda, have you got it working with your sd card on S9?
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