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  1. So i have a fresh install of Launchbox and imported a complete set of NES roms (JPN,USA,PAL) upon finishing scrapping the artwork using Launchbox built in program i noticed there was a ton of Japanese boxart even for games with PAL and USA releases (Castlevania for example)!!. I thought it was odd so looked into the Region Prioritises tab in Options and only North America & United States was ticked Japan wasn't even ticked, so why on earth is Launchbox download Japanese boxart when its not even told to!!?. This has been an on going issue ive had with launchbox for a good while and i still cant believe its not been ironed out yet!!
  2. Ok one of the issue games (well 3 of them) is the Spider-man games, there are to games on the Megadrive that are named Spider-Man, the sega version and then a later game made by Acclaim. For some reason when LB generates the Megadrive list (for PAL only MD games) it seems to make Spider-Man And Venom - Maximum Carnage the default game for that entry and both the other spiderman game secondary games. How do i make all 3 of these games there own entry in the list?
  3. Thanks Auditing the Megadrive worked
  4. So i have a folder which has 518 PAL Megadrive roms in, there are no duplicates at all. Have pointed LB to this folder to generate the list and on completion its reporting there is 508 games in the list not the 518 found in the rom folder. Is there any easy way to find which roms are missing other than going through all 518 and eyeballing each one?
  5. Ok thanks, ill give that a go. Odd that is not already populated though
  6. So im trying to use the RetroArch core, 'Mame 2003 Plus', i have selected the option to 'Import MAME Arcade Games (Full Set)', pointed it towards where my full 'MAME 2003 PLus' roms are and selected RetroArch as the emulator. But when i click on the 'Associated Platforms' tab there is no MAME or even Arcade core available to select let alone the 'MAME 2003 Plus' core i have in my RetroArch 'Core' folder. Can anyone help?
  7. Yeah i guess the older black with white grid would be difficult but the newer Blue style boxart would be easier as you just need the main art work from the US release as the box designs are very similar. Guess it depends how many US titles there are that didnt get a PAL release
  8. Ok, ill hold off. Will you by chance be doing PAL style box art for Games that didnt get a PAL release?
  9. Ok thanks. How come Launchbox doesn't seem to have a full PAL set of box art of the Megadrive?
  10. Since Launchbox seems unable to do a simple task of scraping just PAL Megadrive box art with out also donwload USA Genesis (when i specifically tell it not to download any US boxart what so ever) i would like to know what the easiest way to add my own complete PAL Megadrive box art that i already have?. To say im a bit disappointed with this PAID product and its inability to do a simple task like this where FREE scapper programs are able to do this task is beyond me!?
  11. Hmm, yeah even though im telling it not to download any media for USA and just UK and Japan, it still appears to and media from other countries too. Have uploaded this video of the process....... as you can see it still downloading media from other regions even though its been instructed not to, and for some reason it didnt download artwork for Bare Knuckle 1 & 2 even though i had Japan set as the secondary region to scrape media from. I find it odd that after all this time Launchbox wouldn't have an almost full collection of PAL front box art!??. As i said i have a complete set here for PAL Megadrive box art, i would be happy to share it with Launchbox so they can have a complete set on their servers!?
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