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  1. scanlines in daphne works. when I try launch a daphne game from launchbox, scanlines doesn't works ..
  2. can someone help me? scanlines doesn't works in LB...
  3. I recovered the file from an old installation of RA (..../retroarch/autoconfig/xinput/ASD joystick.cfg) and then I copied it into new installation folder... Now I no longer have the error 😉 PS: a few weeks ago I have reinstalled retroarch and downloaded the autoconfig files, but this time the file I needed was not there 😏 Many thanks
  4. I have an usb keyboard encoder. Anyway, I have same result with "dinput": "100%: ASD joystick (1240/62568) not configured". I have tried with "hid" and "null" input driver and all looks ok, I have no message .. Can you explain me differences between input drivers? thanks
  5. Hi all, I have a problem with retroarch on PC. When I start a game, a message appears "100%: ASD joystick (1240/62568) not configured" (smartASD is my keyboard encoder). All commands work, but I don't understand why I have this message.... I have set: input driver: RAW joypad driver: xinput I have try to change input driver in sdl2 and I had "100%: ASD joystick (3/0) not configured".... what does it mean?
  6. ok, I need only bin/dat files. I have another problem now: when I start RA, load cfg file "reicast_libretro.cfg", load core reicast and then load game... nothing happens If I try to load core and game withot load cfg file, game start normally... I tried to re-create the configuration file but without success... any ideas?
  7. I have last rel of RA. I need only bin/dat or .lst also? 🤔
  8. I have rom files in .zip. Can I convert it in .bin?
  9. ...anybody knows why scanlines doesn't works in LB? in Daphne works well 😅
  10. Damn..it was so simple! Just flag this..now everything works well 😅
  11. yes I have tried to change game startup emulator settings but without success... now i have disabled it. ok, I'll wait for a solution, thanks Jason!
  12. when I try to launch a daphne game, the cmd window appears and the game screen goes into the background
  13. there is the possibility to use game startup with Daphne emulator? before it worked, now it's a disaster 😨
  14. I've found solution: in RA 1.6 I have changed driver input to RAW. Now works [emoji106] Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
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