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  1. Yes, The pause screen only shows up in LB.. In BB, it doesnt show up... just dims the screen and pauses the game. No cool graphics.
  2. No biggie to me... Would have been nice to have it work on both sides. Thanks. Was asking in the hopes someone could make some recommendation on how to troubleshoot.
  3. Yeah. Bummer.... It works on LB (except when on MAME) and never on BB. Just the regular pause / dim screen. =( Might explain why only two pause themes are available. My Theme is CoinOP
  4. Not sure if you still need it, but here is my solution. I had the same issue. 1. Open Notepad 2. copy and paste this: demul.exe -run=naomi -rom=put_name_of_the_rom_here Do not add the rom extension, only the name of the file (it is CaSe Sensitive) 3. Save as (rom name).bat in the same directory as Demul 4. Test by clicking on the .bat file , it should launch the game 5. If it works, go to LB and point the game to the .bat file. Uncheck Emulator (No Emulator). Good Luck!
  5. latin625

    send Alt F4

    Ok. Got it solved. That last thread from LordMonkus was the charm. Just change the .exe to the one you want to close. Thanks. $ESC::WinClose, ahk_exe higan.exe
  6. I am having all kind of "lost focus" issues when I run Demul through BB or LB. I ran it from LB with the bat and it works great. I can play the games and never lose Window focus. Only issue is that I can not seem to get either the .bat or an AHK script to send the ALT+F4 command to close Demul and return to LB or BB. I am willing to try either but really would love to have it all in one .bat file for each Naomi 2 / Cave / AtomisWave. I know LB handles all that and it works fine...until in the middle of a great game of Lupin the third, it jumps to your desktop of a "Game over screen" from LB because it thinks I pressed escape. Can you help? Do you know what I am doing incorrect on the sample script above? Thanks!
  7. Tried a new one. No work. I do know for certain that Alt + F4 does close the Demul emulator like I want. Just have to find something that sends it. demul.exe -run=naomi -rom=cvs2 $Esc:: { Send !{F4} Return }
  8. Hi, I been mining along the forum, looking for a solution to when you launch a game via .bat to Demul. Took me a while, but I sorted it out. I just run it straight via bat file. Game goes full screen, looks great and no losing of focus during game play on BB or LB. Damn those gun games look and play great on Demul Naomi! 😃 Simply bat: demul.exe -run=naomi -rom=cvs2 However, my problem is now closing the window when I escape. I can't not seem to figure that out. I tried copying some closing commands from the pre built emulators that sega Naomi and Dreamcast have... but alas....No joy. I tried this right below the line above and looks like this: demul.exe -run=naomi -rom=cvs2 ; This section closes Demul when pressing Escape $Esc:: { Send !{F4} } Didn't work. =( Can anyone help me figure out this last piece to my puzzle? As always, Thanks guys!
  9. Hi, Just wanted to share with everyone how I got my SegaModel2 to work with launchbox. Not my video or my guide, but was super helpful!
  10. Hi, Anyone ever get the lightguns to work with Retroarch in any core?
  11. Hi, All credit to: djalmafreestyler . I wanted to share this in case anyone else had the issue I did with trying to exit from pspssp back to LB or BB. Set your PAUSE key in PSPSPP to Esc. Best, Latin625 For anyone else who may be searching this, I have found how to exit from PPSSPP straight back to LB or BB using a quit button. Make sure you have all your settings correct within PPSSPP. Once you are happy with your settings then configure the "pause menu" in Controls to the button that you want to use to exit the emulator.
  12. Hello, Anyone successful getting the Aimtrak lightguns to work on retroarch? Thanks!
  13. Hi, Anyone have any experience or success getting the aimtrak lightguns to work on Retroarch? Thanks!
  14. Hi! Just came back to add this video! It helped me! Singe 2 is really nice and easy to use. Out the box button play! Cant wait for Dragons Lair HQ version. Cliff Hanger is awesome! HOW TO LAUNCHBOX ADD
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