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  1. latin625

    Redream Emulator setup

    Thanks Agent47! Please pardon my ignorance on this. Really appreciate the help 🤗. I think I attached the correct log from and I checked the "skip checks" is set to false. RL_8_13.txt
  2. latin625

    Redream Emulator setup

    Thanks for the module. The problem I have is that when you launch a game via BigBox or Launchbox, it uses Rocketlauncher as the emulator. Once it does the rocketlauncher loading screen, it opens up the reDream emulator at the MENU page and not the emulator playing the game. I can exit without issue. Every game lands on the MAIN MENU of reDream. Any ideas on how to get the game to play and not land on the menu screen of reDream?
  3. latin625

    Redream Emulator setup

    Anyone get this running with Launchbox using Rocketlauncher?
  4. latin625

    ReDream RocketLauncher Module

    AWESOME MODULE! I use it but it goes to the main menu screen when launched from Rocketlauncher as the default emulator on LB. Any way to load the game and skip the menu?
  5. I have a slightly used XFX 2gb R7 360 hdmi / Dvi / Dvi -d that i have removed from my pinball cab when i recently upgraded to a 1060. No Original pacakaging or box avaialble. Installation disc is available (drivers) Asking $125 or OBO (free shipping to USA only) pictures are available on my gdrive link below. This card is in mint condition. All sales are final. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1XYLzjHLETUajfrp1N8XsxTghRC1KawBT
  6. latin625

    MAME import

    Hi, I have read most of if not all the threads on users having trouble importing a "full" rom set within MAME. I have tried as well, using World and then North America only... No clones... and MAME still miss a TON of games. Missile Command, Millipede, DigDug, etc.... It there any way to add these roms without having to add EVERYTHING (3000 roms) and then stripping out / deleting what you dont want via LB? I have the 1.92 rom set.
  7. latin625

    Xarcade tankstick with trackball

    I am in NJ just outside of NYC. I will add photos this weekend. All the buttons are removed but the switches are still in place and the trackball is perfect. It need to be reassembled. After the photos, let me know if you still want it. No LED Blinky panel is offered.
  8. latin625

    Xarcade tankstick with trackball

    Yup I have the board that it came, and I also think I have the LED I pac for the lights. But everything is disconnected and would require rewiring. the only things that are still wired are the jotsticks and the trackball.
  9. latin625

    Xarcade tankstick with trackball

    Sorry about the delay. I found the tankstick but it has all the button removed and It would require rewiring them, I have them all. The joysticks and trackball are still in place. Not sure when I would get around to rewiring the buttons. I would give it up for $50 (minus shipping) in its current condition if you are interested. If not, I totally understand.
  10. latin625

    AAE - Working

    Yup! The bezel will knock it out unless you are using something like Rocketlauncher. Honestly, when I play Asteroids or Major Havoc, I don t have bezels on at all. If you use rocketlauncher you may have better success, but that also is a bit of a curve to learn. So it works, WITHOUT any bezels, yes?
  11. latin625

    AAE - Working

    It is for me. I like the way the vector graphics show up.
  12. I have a 2 player Xarcade tankstick with trackball for sale or trade. $80 Best offer.
  13. latin625

    Marquee Folder Location

    Hello, So my latest dilemma is with the images used for my marquee. I have a folder on my E Drive located at "Images\MAME\Arcade - Marquee" This is the folder that is default within LB to refer the marquees. I can not see where all these other images are coming from, because my marquee folder (within windows explorer) only shows my marquees The problem is that I see a bunch of old marquees downloaded from emumovies that randomly are show and look pretty bad (low resolution) . So my questions are: Can I bulk remove all the marquees I don't want. If not, can I make only one show and stop the random selection (very annoying this random image thing). if not to both above, what recommendations would someone have. It really is annoying that you can download 10 images all the same if you make the mistake of downloading media for missing games, even if you select "only media and meta data that is missing" Thanks!!!!