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  1. Hi would this work for my Atomiswave files that are .bin? I need them to be .chd now I guess because of the new flycast core. Is this correct? It wont load any longer from reicast and dreamcast is also down. Thanks!
  2. Hi I set up everything an confirmed that I have the bios. Retroarch 1.8.9 with the flycast core will not launch the game and it worked before with Reicast. My video is set to GL, does that matter? I click on .bin and last files. nothing...=( Thanks!
  3. Ok, so I sorted out the calibration issue by tuning off one of my monitors and only displayed windows on the main display. Did my calibration, save it, made the file READ ONLY, then turned on the second monitor and BOOM! Golden!
  4. anyone run into issues trying to use them on Windows 10? The crosshairs move to the corners and do not target. Already calibrated them using AimTrak Utility. Thanks!
  5. The gun crosshairs seems to always move to the corners of the screen on windows 10. I calibrated them in the AimTrak Utility. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks!
  6. Thanks. Still cant get it to run in Retroarch. No videos of "how to" on Launchbox or youtube too. =(
  7. Hi, Where do you put the bios? Do you create a folder in the system folder or just drop them there. Thanks!
  8. Hi, So I will get together a detailed version of how to get Atomiswave running in RetroArch. MUCH better than before. and the Fist of the Northstar & DemolishFist is just stunning! Here is the video till I get a chance to create a guide. It has no sound, but pretty easy to follow. Ignore that it is in Linux. You only need to deal with your roms folder. Youtube link is available and has links to what you need. Click the title on the video below to go to channel.
  9. Ok, I came back to Retroarch after a 10 month hiatus and OMG! They friggin rocked it out! Got rid of the crappy controls and made it super simply and SUPER FAST in loading! WOW I might be getting rid of ALL my emulators and sticking with RA! As I go through the emulator and roms, I notice that Atari 5200 does not load or work with the Atari800 core. Has anyone gotten this to work? Thanks!
  10. Hi, Anyone know where I can find the Rocketlauncher "Now loading" media? I tried the RL forum but was unable to locate it. I had it on my old build but my machine crapped out and I am rebuilding from scratch. Thank you in advance!
  11. Can I download these for my cab? I have RL too!
  12. AWESOME!!!! Worked Flawlessly! Is it possible to setup a AimTrak lightgun with ReDream for HOD2?
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