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  1. Playlist ideas

    Thanks! I got mine working using Demulshooter!
  2. Sega Model 2 House of the dead 2 settings

    Got it. Delete the hotd.dat file from the NVram, then Open the game OUTSIDE of launchbox, finally exit the emulator. When you launch it from LB, it will now have the calibrations set.
  3. Got it working with demulshooter! But, anyway to keep the calibration? Hate having to redo it everytime play and the save does nothing but keep the blood color and free play. I tried making the hotd.dat file read only... but no joy
  4. is there a playlists that sorts out the games in mame or all platforms by control? 4-way, 8 way, analog?
  5. 3D Arcade Fighting Games

    is there a playlists that sorts out the games in mame by control? 4-way, 8 way, analog?
  6. Mame Games control

    any way to list the games with "control" info in the meta data? like source or something?
  7. Mame Games control

    ughhh.... I am hesitate to use it. I spent 4 or so years trying to get HS working and never could. Got LB and withing 30 min. had my entire library going. Gonna sleep on it, but leaning towards not doing it. Thanks for the feedback!!!
  8. Mame Games control

    wow! That is a crazy amount of work. How about using Rocketlauncher? I now almost nothing of how to use it, but see a member on another board has given directions. I also see that it plays nice with launchbox. Is rocket launcher worth having? here is the link to the post on all the work already done. Just need to have rocket launcher in place... I think? lol.. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/8411-ultrastik-360-programmer/?_fromLogin=1
  9. Mame Games control

    Hi, I have a programmable joystick that can change controls on the fly by loading "maps". I can do it game by game using shortcuts to load, but wanted to know if anyone can help me in doing it by a list of games? I have a mame list below with the controls listed, but dont know how to even begin doing something like this in launchbox. Is this even possible? The list is abbreviated below.. just a few samples. Thanks, [Roms] 40love=4-way 4enraya=2-way 5=4-way 500gp=2-way-vertical 600=4-way 8bpm=4-way abattle=2-way abattle2=2-way abscam=4-way aburner=analog acedrvrw=2-way-vertical acombat=2-way acombato=2-way afire=2-way albatross=2-way alibaba=4-way alibabab=4-way alieninv=2-way alieninvp2=2-way alphaho=4-way alpine=2-way alpinea=2-way alpinerc=2-way alpinerd=2-way alpinesa=2-way alpinr2a=2-way alpinr2b=2-way amidar=4-way amidar1=4-way amidarb=4-way amidaro=4-way amidars=4-way amidaru=4-way amigo=4-way andromed=2-way anteater=4-way anteaterg=4-way anteateruk=4-way archrivl=analog
  10. BIgBox Going Crazy

    set the update in the config. Got the latest version. LB 16. Thanks again all!
  11. BIgBox Going Crazy

    yes. windows 7. just like to have the old school look. can I get the latest beta now? Seems like now Cityhunter v2 theme crashes.
  12. BIgBox Going Crazy

    Ok... think I sorted it out... I am golden now. Thanks for the help guys!!!!
  13. BIgBox Going Crazy

    Thanks. I reinstalled LaunchBox-7.11-beta-11-Setup.exe and both now say the same. But my games wont stop scrolling from bottom to top... I unplugged everything and it still does it. Grrrrr =), any ideas?
  14. BIgBox Going Crazy

    Launchbox is fine, 100%ok... it is Bigbox that is acting crazy.
  15. BIgBox Going Crazy

    I checked it as suggested. No joy. Also, I see two instances running everything I launch bb.