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  1. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    Thanks Fablog! Been trying for four days and some very long nights... Just cant get it to work... I did as you said, but still can get the u360 to move the character selector. I ordered a harness from Andy at Ultimarc, so hopefully once that comes in, I will wire it to the minipac. Thanks again to everyone, just cant seem to get it working.
  2. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    WOW! so right off the top. I noticed that even though I had vjoy in the taskbar, it wasnt being detected in the game controllers! So I deleted the version I had and now need to get the one that detects BOTH u360 and both vjoys. Steps: Vjoy 1.2 http://www.headsoft.com.au/index.php?category=vjoy X360ce http://www.x360ce.com/default.aspx None of the vjoys are showing up in x360ce. I have a limit of four and they are listed as follows. U360 1 u360 2 mini pac atrak (lightgun) I see the vjoys in the game controllers, but how do I get them to be seem by x3560ce?
  3. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    STreet Fighter x Tekken and Street Fighter 4
  4. Good Steam games compatible with a 2P Arcade Cab

    Yes, I have Sanwa analog joysticks connected via USB and my Mini pac from xarcade via usb Both are separate. Do you recommend to wire everything to the minipac? I have been pondering that, but my issue is only with PC games.
  5. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    Is there any way to "hard code" the .ini file for xbox360ce? I can see it, but not sure what to put in from my ultrastik 360s?
  6. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    I cant seem to understand when I launch the game and I go to the controls, the keyboard control is always first. But, you can see that the game has other control options and some are my vjoys... it is impossible to select them as a preferred control option. It is always the keyboard. Also, sometimes i see an xbox controller as the icon, but can move forward. If I go back one screen and then forward again it turns into a keyboard. lol... Sheesh...
  7. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    Hi Fablog! Yes, I see them moving around in the game settings dialog in windows.
  8. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    Yup... Darn arrow key... cant seem to get them to map to the xbox from the 360... It works in the toca app, but not in the game.
  9. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    ok, so I mapped the "back" button to xbox360ce. That now works. It looks like the directional keys within the game are set to the arrow keys of up, down, left and right. But I can not seem to map those to my xbox360ce... I have them set to none in Vjoy, is that correct?
  10. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    my current settings.
  11. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    there something I have to do on the game side? Do I have to change the controls within the game? When I "block" the keys in Vjoy, I can not go backwards to the previous screen at all.
  12. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    Yes sir!
  13. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    When I start the game. I only see a Keyboard icon, But if I lock the buttons on Vjoy, I get a joystick and lose all button input.
  14. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    here is the mini-pac from the xarcade.
  15. ultrastik 360 and pc games

    Thanks madpossum! Here is how I have it set now, still no movement when I play the game.