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  1. latin625

    AAE - Working

    Yup! The bezel will knock it out unless you are using something like Rocketlauncher. Honestly, when I play Asteroids or Major Havoc, I don t have bezels on at all. If you use rocketlauncher you may have better success, but that also is a bit of a curve to learn. So it works, WITHOUT any bezels, yes?
  2. latin625

    AAE - Working

    It is for me. I like the way the vector graphics show up.
  3. I have a 2 player Xarcade tankstick with trackball for sale or trade. Best offer.
  4. latin625

    Marquee Folder Location

    Hello, So my latest dilemma is with the images used for my marquee. I have a folder on my E Drive located at "Images\MAME\Arcade - Marquee" This is the folder that is default within LB to refer the marquees. I can not see where all these other images are coming from, because my marquee folder (within windows explorer) only shows my marquees The problem is that I see a bunch of old marquees downloaded from emumovies that randomly are show and look pretty bad (low resolution) . So my questions are: Can I bulk remove all the marquees I don't want. If not, can I make only one show and stop the random selection (very annoying this random image thing). if not to both above, what recommendations would someone have. It really is annoying that you can download 10 images all the same if you make the mistake of downloading media for missing games, even if you select "only media and meta data that is missing" Thanks!!!!
  5. latin625

    Playlist Wheel Art

    Version 1.0.0


    Shoutout to Dave for giving up the DAVE'S CLEAR LOGO TEMPLATE. More will be added as I make them. Enjoy.
  6. latin625

    Playlist Wheel Art

    Playlist Wheel Art View File Shoutout to Dave for giving up the DAVE'S CLEAR LOGO TEMPLATE. More will be added as I make them. Enjoy. Submitter latin625 Submitted 04/06/2018 Category Game Clear Logos  
  7. latin625

    Complete Marquee Library

    Yes, Not mine 100% I am just piggybacking on others work.. The true credit belongs to Krakerman. He does awesome work and ALL HI-RES You can get his stuff off EMUMovies or go here for the thread he has that continues to grow everyday. I have a few custom ones that I built that he does not have. Ill make my collection available soon, once I get a moment to breathe from work. =)
  8. latin625

    Complete Marquee Library

    Thanks. But most of these are only for MAME. I have an extensive library that I can share too. Some of the marquees that I am super interested in and much harder to find are the ones for other platforms. PS1, PS2, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, etc... If anyone has those, and it wouldn't be any problem, please share! Would really appreciate it!
  9. latin625

    PLAYLISTS for many Platforms

    Anyone have a trackball playlist? Missile command, Millipede, centipede, marble madness, etc...
  10. latin625

    Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    ok... I guess
  11. latin625

    Phill's Doodles - Retrorama

    Maybe this theme should be removed? Very disappointing that the theme was orphaned. It really is useless in the state it is in, and cant really have it as a front end theme with so much missing. I left it and moved on to fundamental theme.
  12. latin625

    u360 profiles

    dbinott file is great! Would recommend it to all!
  13. Hi, I know how to pass the command line controls to Mednafen using LordMonkus tutorials, but is there a way for me to pass the gamepad, lightgun or 3dpad commands to each game? Currently, I am using two versions of Mednafen, one for lightguns and one for joypads. Any way to make the proper controls for games load with each game? Example: VirtualCop = Lightgun #d Baseball = 3dpad, etc. Thanks,