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  1. Thanks Kiinkyfoxx i appreciate the help!
  2. I figured out what is happening. When launchbox is creating the listxml the following is getting appended to the end of the XML. I found this out because i created an xml for a program i'm working on and i got the same error message. Why would devreorder logs be added to the xml, and is there any way to stop it without having to remove devreorder? </mame> 11:16:17.494 00009888 devreorder: Calling hooked DirectInput8Create 11:16:17.496 00009888 devreorder: Loaded "C:\WINDOWS\system32\dinput8org.dll" 11:16:17.507 00009888 devreorder:
  3. I am updating my Mame roms to 231. I deleted all the 230 roms, and i'm running the full mame import. I am getting an error at the end when it is parsing the roms. Data at the root level is invalid. Line 5642825, position 1. Does anyone know what this error is?
  4. Thanks sundogak! I was able to get it working correctly.
  5. I would like to switch some of my roms over to the mame software list. One of the systems I'm trying to use is WonderSwan Color. The mame software list roms are zipped in .bin format. When I try to run retroarch it does not suggest the (beetle cygin) core. If i extract the .bin file and change the extension to .wsc, and run retroarch it will suggest the core. Is there any way to tell the core to allow .bin files?
  6. I have WoW Action Max, ALG, and other Singe games working in LB, through Rocket Launcher. If you are using Rocket Launcher, you have to import the .singe file as your rom file in Launch Box.
  7. Thanks guys. UGG.... I imported the full Mame rom set. That means that I have to manually rename each additional app. That's like thousands of clone names to rename. Why did they change the way additional apps are named? It used to automatically have the name there.
  8. Thanks Retro, I'm talking about Alternate Names. For example this is 10-Yard Fight. One of the clone names is supposed to be 10-Yard '85. In previous versions of LB it would say "Play 10-Yard '85 (US, Taito license) Version..." The additional name would already be in the additional app name. Now it just has the version only. If you edit 10-Yard Fight there is a section for Alternate names. It contains 10-Yard Fight '85 there, but it doesn't display it anywhere. It was nice being able to see the clone name when you right click the game. You were able to see which
  9. Is there any way to change the way Alternate Names works? You used to be able to right click on a system, and it would say |Play "alternate name" (version) Version...| now it just says |Play (version) Version...| is there any way to have it display the alternate name? It seems pointless if you cant tell what alternate name of the game is without having to edit the game to see the tab.
  10. Thanks, I did have a usb mouse plugged in. I think it might have something to do with the Nvidia drivers. I reinstalled the system, and tried Daphne before updating anything and it worked. I have the Nvida control panel, but i have not tried the gforce experience yet, or updating video drivers through it. I currently have all drivers updated through windows update only, and it is still working.
  11. I have had no issues with Daphne in the past, but i just recently upgraded my computer. Now when I try to play a game i get the following error. Could not initialize video display: Directinput:: CreateDevice: Device not registered My video card is a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER
  12. thanks sundogak, Using mame import did work, and installed all the missing games. I'm just not sure why individually adding roms is not working. I scanned the xml file and it isn't there so I don't think it is the duplicate rom issue. Next time i will try the drag and drop and see if that works.
  13. I am trying to add a few of the games from the latest Mame update. I right click in the games menu, click add. I fill out the rom path, game name, and click ok, but the game does not get added. Im not getting any error, It just doesn't seem to do anything. I am able to add child games, but any new parent does not seem to work. This just started happening since Mame .220. Adding individual games used to work, and i have not changed anything. These are the games that I tried to add. Air Walkers Gulun.Pa! (Japan 931220 L) (prototype) Master's Fury Pro Tennis (Japan) Scorpion DX
  14. I have a weird issue with Clrmamepro. I have my Nesica games extracted. When i run a scan everything is fine and does not show any errors. I zipped and 7z my games, and when i run a scan it now finds a few errors. For example it says that one of the folders is named wrong. When the game is extracted /bin is fine. when it is zipped or 7z. it wants it named /Bin. Shouldn't it be the same zipped or extracted? Why is it different?
  15. Mame Checker View File This program will compare your LaunchBox database to Mame. You can see what games have been added, renamed, or removed from Mame since the last version. I created this program because I was having trouble with LaunchBox importing roms after each new version of Mame. I tried using the add new roms button in LaunchBox, and when i checked each game after I noticed a lot of games did not get imported correctly, and I was not sure if all games were added or not. This tool is designed to be used with a full mame set, but I guess it could be used on an
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