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  1. I know that DC emu scene is far from being perfect, but why in the earth the abandoned NullDC is way faster than Demul? It's like 2 days that I'm trying to tweak Demul to try to get a decent playable speed to run DC games at Internal Resolution 2x, but I just get slowdowns or not-so smooth framerate. Also I have to disable the Autosort and V-sync(this one it's not a big deal actually) and disabling the first one causes horrible glitches in HUD graphics and generally 2D graphics. I wouldn't mind about the native resolution, but I owned a real DC and the resolution wasn't so bad as the one you s
  2. Hi guys, this is probably a real silly question, but I'm actually unable to use some handled overlays in Retroarch because there's no way to change the values in Custom Viewport Width/Height after you put the Integer Scale ON. First of all, is there a way a fast way to change the values with numbers in RA instead of having to use the arrow keys?Why Can't I enter those values with keyboard? It's so time-consuming to adjust value numbers, but I'm sure I'm doing it in the dumbest way... LOL! Also the real issue is that when I set the Integer Scale to ON (as requested by the DS overl
  3. That's what I've tried, but I can't find such filter when I try to switch the default platform view...
  4. Hi Guys! I've just noticed that in LB there's an option to filter the games by Platform Categories, but I didn't understand if you can do that in BigBox. It seems like there's no option to display that filter in BigBox.
  5. Any update about this request? I would love that feature and it also seems a popular one...
  6. I don't know if I put a clear title for the topic, but anyway I'll try to make my point. On emumovies I see that there are specific media sets for Emus or arcade systems such as Zinc, Namco22, Taito Classic, Data East and so on. So, first of all, my question is: how you can extract the relative emu or arcade system romset in no-time from a complete mame romset? I guess you can actually use ctrlmame with a dat, am I right? The only issue is that I don't remember how to do that... Other question, does it make sense to subdivide your arcade romset into specific arcade or system roms
  7. Thanks for your feedback guys! I used to use Winuae since it was the most accurate and "friendly" Amiga emulator in the past, but gosh...how things have changed! That FS-UAE is the bomb. Auto-configured games, awesome UI, super-user friendly, best video options (in fact I didn't need to setup anything and the games displayed correctly in fullscreen), in-game menu (that you can access easily with an Xbox360controller and save states with no issue) and so on. It can even provide a full Amiga DB with pics so that you can look all different Amiga games (very useful since I have
  8. Hi guys, I'm quite confused about Demul video settings and its two video plugins. It seems like DX11 plugin is a better options to run games smoothly and to avoid 2D graphics glithces, but it doesn't allow to set internal resolution and it gives you audio and video slow-downs randomly. On the other side DX11old plugin let you set internal resolution and it seems to run games smootlhy, but it renders some very nasty 2D sprites with horrible glitches (so 2D elements in Crazy Taxi are displayed with glicthes and so the 2D sprites in Capcom VS Snk). Also is it true that games doesn't
  9. Thanks a lot the main issue seems to be fixed now. However I don't know if you guys have noticed this minor issue, but Bigbox seems not be responsive at all when you've just launched it. I try to scroll the video menu but nothing happens, it's like it gets freezed for a few seconds. Anyway after that the menu becomes really responsive (you guys seem to have also improved scrolling speed...awesome!) that's why is not a big issue, but a minor issue.
  10. Hi, I don't know if it's actually related to the new LB 7.3 update, but I'm experiencing a quite laggy menu on Launchbox. When you try to spin the wheel menu sometimes it stops while other times it does nothing when you press up to scroll. It's kinda weird...never had that kinda of issue with LB.
  11. I'm afraid I didn't make quite clear my point of view. I've already checked all of themes and frontend options in LB and I've already buyed a LB license since I thought it was the best choice among all of the others FEs and according to my needs. LB seems to be way more updated, powerful, easy to use and with a great community. I'm grown-up and unfortunately I don't have enough time to spend a lot of time to configure a Frontend. That's why HS couldn't never be my choice. That's a good point and that's one of the reasons why I chose LB, but I just don't understand why such
  12. I know guys, this is just another one "oh no, another HS vs LB topic"... sorry about that! It's not meant to be a Frontend-war topic, I just would like to know the big cons and pros of HS/LB according to you. I'm not in the mood to configure another front-end and HS also seems quite annoying to be configured. I'm quite satisfied with LB, so don't worry about that! However I was very impressed to see some HS themes and how smooth and solid seems to be its wheel menu. Thematic themes and even wheels can be also used in LB so it's not really a big deal, but It feels like HS uses mu
  13. I know it may silly question(or maybe it's actually a stupid question), but where do I find the missing media I'm unable to find through LB or Emumovies? There are several platform where some games lack cover media, videos or screenshot. Just by way of examples in CPS2 platform I'm missing some clear boxes and logos which is quite strange...
  14. Hi guys! I've already made a decent library in LB and now I would like to discuss with all of you which emulator is the best one for it's relative platform. Personally I switched to Retroarch cores for every platform that can be emulated through RA cores. It's not about real accurancy of the emulators, but about convenience in having the same options and more options in a good emulator. At first I hated RA, but now I realized that it's very convenient since by way of the examples I can use shaders for every platform, cheats, I can exit from RA with the controller and so on. Here's
  15. Ok, first of all sorry for the horrible title, but I wasn't able to find a decent title for the topic! Simple question: with Retroarch I'm able to exit from RA itself using a X360 controller so I can go back to Bigbox while I'm in the sofa. On dolphin emulator you can do it too, I've just assign a special command through dolphin itself by assigning l3+select to exit from the emulator, but how can I achieve that with Emulators such as Demul, Model3 and so on?
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