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  1. Is Patreon over? Last bill was in Feb 2019 and the website says "Creator no long er active"
  2. HOLY! You area god si, if this works out this will help non tech people create more themes. I thank you for your efforts!
  3. @Jason CarrI have steam in the systray but I do not use it. I will try without it and see.
  4. Here are a few things I would pay bountys for even. 1. Audit playlists of games 2. Able to hide categories or playlists from bigbox 3. Play random videos FROM THE VIDEOS in the a playlist if no playlist video is found. 4. The audit system, able to in the audit window update cells like Excel to update values. Also to import data from external sources and to output the audit to various types.
  5. 1. Important to make a clean intor/exit 2. Bezels I dont use, it looks horible mostly unless its a clean general usage design but seeing in red side ways "Nintendo" is dumb. 3./4. Ability to pause it and show controller mapping and ability to show variables on the screens like name of game, totals, Also a "Press a key when ready" option. Just make is configurable form simple fade to jazzing it up.
  6. Thanks @Jason Carr, that option did work now I have 108 shmups and 105 arcade games which is a correct total of 213 games
  7. Hi Jason here are my logfiles. Logs.zip
  8. @Jason Carr I'm considering this is a long standing bug or the logic got crossed somewhere using same multiple filters.
  9. Everything but roms are local
  10. Initial audit missing fields, then I hit F5 or right click refersh and it comes back. Repeatable for me. Using latest release 9.0
  11. Yup add me to that list, been like this forever and even on newest betas.
  12. Found a bug I believe. When I audit say Arcade all the columns of metadata for 90% of the games are blank but after I click on the game and close it it populates the field since the meta data is really there. If I refresh the list it also re-populates all the fields. Its the initial first audit causing the blanks.
  13. Hi all- I want to create a filter under Arcade that shows All Arcade games BUT "shooter / Flying horizontal" and "shooter / Flying vertical" See attached pictures. If I go only one type say flying vertical it works but if I create another filter for horizontal it creates duplicate games in the playlist effectively doubling the amount of games. Edit: Seems if I try to filter Genre twice no matter what value I use it doubles up the games. Only using genre once works. Anyone have a solution or experience this? Edit2: I went a dded a few more a total of 6 filters and and y
  14. Nice theme but the game videos are stretched not correct ASR of 4:3. Requests: - Configure via a file the color scheme from red to like gray or blue, etc? - Add total # of game on the platform screen and or categories screen? thx!
  15. Any have lag when using a XBOX 360 controller when pressing direction keys takes several presses to register and sometime I have to press red or execute button several times to launch something?
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