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  1. If anyone is interested found it on
  2. I Need a little help,could someone point me where to find pc9801 bios and other firmware required by retroarch/neko project 2 kai?been all over the internet and all i could find was FONT.ROM
  3. i cant find this bios on web or in mame bios pack for the life of me!What the hell is it?some kind of military secret?? Nevermind,found it
  4. It worked!! Thank you! But why would it make any difference?Anyway,thanks!
  5. I am logged in at all times as soon as i turn on my pc.everything is correctly writen in target of battle.net exe.when i double click on shortcut it seems something starts loading and absolutely nothing happens
  6. Thank you for your effort,but this just doesnt work for me.It just starts launcher
  7. Oh wow..fantastic.thanks.didnt even know it was portable
  8. so im migrating to from win7 to win10,is there any tutorial on how to manage backups?
  9. Same for me.Nothing happens except it brings Battle.net window up so i still have to press play to start the game.it actually does nothing
  10. Well your bet was on the spot Missed it somehow there.Everything seems to be in order now.updated to 8.6!Thank you very much!
  11. Ok,tried that,it deletes all my games,and on top of that,when i exit and run launchbox again it reverts to 8.6-beta1 asking me to update
  12. 8.6-beta2 is missing from my updates folder,same as beta-3 and beta4.can i download them from somewhere?
  13. It seems i'm unable to update Launchbox pass version 8.6.beta-1.It detects new version,i click ok,installation finishes then it just crashes.any suggestions?
  14. Themes.Not just different colors but proper themes
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