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  1. GuroDragon

    Commodore VIC-20

    For Carts .crt Files : -cartgeneric I setup up two emulators using the same .exe just with different Default Command-Line Parameters . I can check when I get home, apologies I have about a 160 systems on my launchbox and don't remember the exact solution I used for the vic20 off the the top of my head. The old computers are kind of a pain in the ass when coming to launchbox as most had several formats for data storage and just like the real things are buggy and not always good right out of the gate, some even require custom config files. I am an old Hyperspin user, trust me launchbox is way easier to deal with and once you have played with it for while it becomes second nature.
  2. GuroDragon

    Commodore VIC-20

    Ditch Retroarch and just use Winvic, retoarch is great but not the best option for everything. I listed the Default Command-Line Parameters above and here is a screen shot of my setup. Winvic only takes about 5 minutes to download and setup in launchbox, but you can tweak it for quite some time.
  3. GuroDragon


    Love this theme, sleek, easy with low impact on hardware performance. It is obviously meant to work with certain media (IE game snaps, 3d boxes, clear logos, cart/cd images) BUT it works very well with whatever game media you currently have at the moment. @CriticalCid Really impressed with the work you did.
  4. GuroDragon

    Nintendo 3DS eShop Demo in BigBox

    Oh wow its an E3 trailer, well done it actually works well for a platform video. BTW thanks for the Horror Playlist video as well, I use it in my playlist.
  5. GuroDragon

    Nintendo 3DS eShop Demo in BigBox

    Anyway I get a link for the 3ds eShop platform video?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Some simple Doujin Soft manga style clear platform logos I made. I just used the plain "Doujin Soft" logo but if you wish to break things down like I see people do "Shooters", "Fighting Games" and "Eroge" are included.
  7. GuroDragon

    Doujin Soft Platform Logo

    Doujin Soft Platform Logo View File Some simple Doujin Soft manga style clear platform logos I made. I just used the plain "Doujin Soft" logo but if you wish to break things down like I see people do "Shooters", "Fighting Games" and "Eroge" are included. Submitter GuroDragon Submitted 02/17/2018 Category Platform Clear Logos  
  8. GuroDragon

    Big Box/Plex/Kodi for Movies??

  9. GuroDragon

    Big Box/Plex/Kodi for Movies??

    Awesome I did not know that, okay I'll try it tonight hahaha!
  10. GuroDragon

    LaunchBox for MS-DOS Special Edition

    Funny I am building an old 486 PC out of old parts, I know the first thing going on it now!
  11. GuroDragon

    Big Box/Plex/Kodi for Movies??

    I might pay to use the official Kodi addon. Thanks for the tip, I find using both together makes it work pretty well. I am using the correct file structure but it still hiccuped on me a lot , Plex seems to fix this and add things with no entry in the database.
  12. GuroDragon

    Big Box/Plex/Kodi for Movies??

    I know about the plugin and saw people saying they use retroarch for playing video. I actually found a plugin for Kodi called plexkodiconnect, it auto populates the data/info from Plex. Just use the management system in Plex as it just adds everything and lets you tweak.
  13. GuroDragon

    Big Box/Plex/Kodi for Movies??

    I have been tinkering with Kodi for the past few days and I find even renaming films/shows with Filebot and matching it with the same scraper on Kodi still dosn't always work. To further the nightmare correctly name movie/shows that are not in a database don't add without custom info files. Its all a big tinkering job that is very time consuming. As someone who has what appears to be 100s of obscure movies I do not want to build hundreds of info files. I am looking for a Frontend/Mediaplayer that will just let me dump videos scraped and unscraped and just find what it can with info I can edit if wanted. How well has Launchbox and its scraper worked for those of you using it to store video? What has been your solution for movies/shows?
  14. GuroDragon

    i have over 10tb storage a question

    Go to Monoprice.com, they have HDMI cables for less than a dollar a foot. The quality is excellent for the price paid and I have about 30 digital cables from them with no failures in 5 years. https://www.monoprice.com/search/index?keyword=hdmi
  15. My Current Collection is 108,000 games (merged for multi disk and different regions US,JP,EU= 1 game) 105 platforms (arcades are not clearly separated yet) 19.5 TB in size (Most archives are zipped) There are different modes for everyone. My collection is not the cleanest (missing box art, info, screen shots only), especially hard to collect NEC Computer Media. For me its more of a personal archive. For others its about curation and refinement.