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  1. Updated to beta 6 as well; everything back to normal and working perfectly, even when streaming and using Steam Controller.
  2. That's great news! Thank you, Jason. When the next beta is out, I'll be sure to test it and give feedback.
  3. After a few more tests, I've found a solution in order to use Steam Controller + BigBox that suits me for now : what I did was add an action set on Steam Controller config, mapping keyboard keys to the joystick in one action set (this way, I can use the joystick with BB as if I was using the keyboard), and switching to the default action set (the gamepad one) after launching a game / emulator. I'll explain it below, in case it can be useful to someone else: - on Steam Big Picture Mode, select the BigBox shortcut (BB must have been added to Steam as a non-Steam game); - on Controller Configuration, edit the control config: it's originally mapped as a gamepad, so keep it that way, but you must also add an action set; - on this new action set, map some of the controller's buttons as keyboard keys so you can navigate through BB (left analog as the keyboard directional keys; button A as Return/Enter; button B as Esc, and so on) - map any of the joystick buttons to switch action sets (I assigned it to the right grip button); "change action set" is on the key binding screen: it's an icon at the top, right next to the box where you name the binding. Select the action set you'll switch to, or "previous/next action set". - on the "default" action set (the gamepad one, without any keyboard keys assigned), map any joystick button to change action set too, so you can go back and forth after changing action sets. Done! This way, you can change the action sets on the fly - meaning you can use the one with keyboard keys assigned on BigBox and, when you start a game / emulator, just press the assigned "change action set" button to use the joystick as a gamepad. After exiting the game / emulator, press the "change action set" button again. I'm running LB/BB beta 5, by the way, and using the aforementioned action set has allowed me to keep using the controller with BB, even when streaming.
  4. This happens when streaming (and LB/BB still sees Steam Controller as a XInput Xbox 360/XBox One controller - screenshot below); and also happens just by running LB / BB through Big Picture Mode without streaming. I've tested it with beta 3 and beta 4, same issue.
  5. When I launch LB or BB through Steam Big Picture Mode, both LB and BB see the Steam Controller as a XInput Xbox 360 / Xbox One controller (and whether I check or uncheck "Use all attached controllers", no input from the controller is registered, not even when trying to remap the joystick buttons). Pics attached below:
  6. Thanks for the reply, Jason. I'm a big fan of all things Launchbox (including the Android app, it's been working great so far); thanks for all your work. I updated to beta 3 and tested it again, and unfortunately the same issues remain.
  7. Hey, guys. Just updated to the latest beta (Launchbox 10.2-beta-2) and Steam Controller immediately stopped working in BigBox. Steam overlay (Big Picture mode) is active and Steam detects the controller; and the Guide button works inside BigBox to show the Steam overlay and navigate through said overlay (inside Big Picture Mode the controller is working just fine, but BigBox doesn't register any controller's input). *Edit: just to make it clear, I launch BB through Steam's Big Picture Mode as a non-Steam game, so that BB would see Steam Controller as a gamepad. Oh, I've also tried to uncheck "allow desktop config in launcher" on Steam after the LB/BB update, but it didn't work (see, I never unchecked this option before and the controller was working before the update, so unchecking it would probably change nothing anyway, but it was worth the try). The controller was working until the update; I even used it, while on BigBox, to select the option to update to the new beta - and after the update, I can't seem to use the controller inside BB anymore. And using the keyboard to navigate to "Options" and trying to remap joystick keys didn't solve it: no matter which button I press on the joystick, nothing happens and no controller button seems to be recognized. I even tried restarting Windows a few times, but nothing's changed. Also, if I use the keyboard to select any game inside BigBox, I can play using the Steam Controller just as usual with every emulator (like Retroarch, PCSX2 and RPCS3). I haven't had this kind of problem with any previous version of Launchbox / BigBox, by the way, so it must be something specifically in version 10.2-beta-2.
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