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  1. Hi. I'm trying to import PC Engine Games. I have to use "Scrape as" NEC Turbografix16 in order to get it scraped. The thing is: All of the games have the US equivalent name. While 'Blood Wolf' should be 'Narazumono Sentou Butai: Bloody Wolf' Is there an option to show alternate names in Launchbox instead of the US Games? Since it's a Japanese system and I know the games by their Japanese title. Also: Search option in LB doesn't search for the filename which would be handy. The Filename is called Narazumono Sentou Butai: Bloody Wolf (Japan).zip That way, it would at
  2. For anyone asking: That's the way the games were made. Best solution is to use 4:3 Aspect Ratio and slap an overlay on top of it.
  3. Hey buds. long time reader, first time poster. I'm FINALLY (after a few years) building my Launchbox setup. I've come across the issue with the Mednafen SGX and PCE Fast core. I can't seem to get a decent picture, the cores always add some sort of border to the games. I want to use bezels soon and I have no idea how to emulate those games with the correct graphic settings/ratio, etc. Thanks in advance for any help! PS: I tend to use 1:1 PAR ratio, if that's of any help
  4. Sorry mate ;-) Clearly, 2hrs of sleep is not enough for me LOL. :-D Thanks so much
  5. I've solved the duplicate thing with 1G1R option. Used clrmamepro to slim down the romset based on my priorities (EU - USA - JP). Basically, it did scan for duplicates and check those with the following: If the game is available as EU, delete the rest. If the game is available as USA, check if EU is available, delete the rest. If not, use USA. And same for Japanese. therefore, I only have one Game per Rom ;-) All cleaned up. I can make a tutorial, if interested. Zombeaver, would you please be so kind and point me to that tutorial? I'm abou
  6. It's working now, since two days ago, I believe.
  7. Just playing around as we speak. Thanks so much Brad. Now get back to Diablo 3 :-D I started that again today on my PS4
  8. While I'm here, Is there a view or explanation, what the scraping categories are in the launchbox and big box software? Boxart is pretty self explanatory but what about the fanart, etc. Any chance, when in Launch Box, not to show any background when clicking on the box arts and games? I really don't like the backgrounds. Any way to switch that off? Thanks so much
  9. This clarified a lot to me. Thanks so much. I guess I will manually fix the boxarts in the end and leave everything together in one wheel (Thanks Brad). After all, we can still sort by region in big box ;-) Thanks DOS and thanks CTRL for your replies. Helped me a lot. I shall help out with boxart when I start fixing things. Right now, I'm working on the functional side of Launch Box, getting it to work properly. After that, I'll do some beauty work. Cheers
  10. Hello, So far so good, I've completely understood Retroarch and the roms installation. Even managed to make a separate "wheel" for Super Famicom. I'm scraping all the Super Famicom (Japanese SNES Games) from emumovies and launchbox db and so many covers are incomplete. I'm using the no-intro collection. Can anyone tell me, how to get it scraped correctly and moreover, how to fix boxart myself? (the latter is only worst case scenario). Thanks so much. Other than that: Awesome work so far... SLOWLY but surely buildin
  11. okay, that's it! You, sir, have got a new premium member. Buying now! Thanks for the GREAT and QUICK support! Looking forward to contributing to the community as good as I can. (love to fiddle around with this stuff)
  12. Thanks so much. Might I ask something else, as a complete noob? Even if it's not emumovies related? Is there a possibility to add all those Japanese Emulators/Systems and the more exotic ones as in Hyperspin? Can I add basically anything I want and need, as long as it's an exe file? I guess for some system I will have to save my own movies to work in the preview, etc.?
  13. OOOH MY GAWD, the famous Brad is replying to me. :-D J/K. Thanks mate. I just wanted to know if there's a global error going on or if it was just me. I'll just wait then. While you're here, will I have to re-import all roms in order to download the videos or can I do that later on as a separate action?
  14. Hi Guys, First time poster and frech Launchbox User here. After TWO YEARS of Hyperspin fiddling, I gave up on it for now and switching over to LaunchBox, hoping that the community is not as poisoned as the HS community. And I'm already having isses ;-) Trying to go with the first SNES tutorial Video and emumovies is not connecting. I've already changed my password but it's not working. In the "Roms importing" window, it tells me that it's unable to connect to emumovies. No firewall no nothing. Anyone else having the same issue c
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