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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I should have clarified, I know that Bigbox can launch the various programs, but as far as I’ve seen, no real vertical themes to speak of our 3-screen support within Bigbox itself (playfield, DMD, and backglass). 

    Lordmonkus, that makes sense. I can imagine it’s not an easy scene to break into. Still, I know Jason could spank any of the competing offerings should he ever decide down the line. 

  2. Hey guys. Been using Bigbox for several years now and couldn’t be happier with it on my arcade machine. I recently got into virtual pinball and have found the existing frontend options to be lacking and buggy in comparison. Are there any plans to get virtual pinball support in Bigbox someday? It would seem like the biggest factor would be having a vertical theme for the playfield and maybe allowing 3 screens to display information while within Bigbox itself. I’d be ecstatic for such a feature someday!

  3. I really like the rating feature in Bigbox. Sometimes I’ll scroll through and look for games I’ve never played with good ratings. However, games rarely have these ratings. I feel like something is off since the most popular games have no ratings at all (i.e., Mario’s bros, Metroid, sonic, Zelda, etc). Is there a way to force syncronization of ratings, or have people really not voted on some of the most popular games in the world?

  4. I posted on the other Bigbox lag thread but I'll post here as well. I'm using Xpadder now, which has eliminated my problems. It's not the prettiest solution, and it at least confirms that the problem doesn't lie in my controller or receiver, but it'll do for now. Thanks @Jason Carr for investigating!

  5. I've been using Xpadder for the past couple of days with a lag free experience, which tells me that at least the problem doesn't rely on the controller signal making it to my computer. Only major thing I lose going this route is controller automation through Bigbox to close apps like Retroarch, Mame, and the like. But I think for now I'm just going to program escape commands in Xpadder and skip Bigbox's implementation of controller support. Thanks to those who are investigating this!

  6. @Jason Carr I had a bit of time to play around tonight. So first thing is I removed the media directories from Launchbox and loaded Bigbox. As expected all images and videos were absent. The unresponsive controller issue persisted using the default theme.

    Then I loaded the beta. Everything was running beautifully on first launch, going in and out of games. But when I shut down the app and then restarted it the unresponsive controller issue reemerged. It's sort of the same thing that happened with the prior betas where things initially felt like they were running smoothly but shortly after the problem would recur. I don't know if that makes things more or less difficult to figure out? Sorry. :/

    I ran the controller config recommended by @Z3R0B4NG and there was no stuttering of the D-pad or joystick, though I don't have a second monitor to run the config on simultaneously. Is there a way to open Bigbox in windowed mode to see if the controller input is stuttering while Bigbox is loaded?

  7. 1 minute ago, Jason Carr said:

    What views are you using with the default theme? The text lists or the clear logo wheels? I'm not aware of any themes that bypass everything, unfortunately. That would be interesting to test though. What you could do is copy your LaunchBox with the data to a new folder, and just don't copy any media. It should be fairly small without media.

    I typically use text list views only. I'll do what you recommended tonight about copying Launchbox over. Thanks!

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  8. I'm running Windows 10, genuine XBOX 360 controller(s) and wireless receiver. Controller lag issue happens with a single or multiple controllers attached. Using the default Windows 10 driver for the wireless receiver. 

    In device manager: My driver is listed as “Xbox 360 wireless receiver for Windows”, date of 4/10/2018, version 10.0.17134.1. 

  9. I'll just chip in the thread I created in 1/2017 regarding this: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/35069-bigbox-lag/

    From my end, I have 2 systems: one with i7 4770k, 16GB RAM, GTX 970, and the other with i5 4460, 16GB RAM, GTX 650. Both run SSD drives where both games and images / videos are loaded. Both stutter frequently when scrolling up and down using xbox 360 controllers connected via official Microsoft receiver, and no stuttering whatsoever using the wireless keyboard. Both systems run Win 10 and even with the Launchbox as the only software installed, the problem persists.

    I too typically use Powershell to wipe out as much bloat as possible.

    Also wanted to add that one of the recent betas that @Jason Carr created seemed to fix the issue but then after upgrading and then trying to downgrade the fix did not return, so I'm at a loss.

  10. 28 minutes ago, Jason Carr said:

    I went back to test on my slower machines, and as best I can tell, any remaining stutters in the controller navigation are just due to performance issues in general with the hardware not being able to keep up. So that's not to say that there's not improvements that we can make, but I think the controller implementation specifically is probably as good as it going to get.

    I also think that overall, the performance is much better than in previous releases. The part that makes me wonder about hardware performance being an issue is that for me, when the stuttering is occurring, the videos are still playing, and it's still accepting input from the keyboards. And when this happens on an i7 4770 overclocked at 4.2ghz, I just can't imagine how this is a hardware issue, but I'm not a programmer so I don't know this stuff.

    At any rate, thanks much for improving the performance; Bigbox is far more usable now!

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  11. @Rjay we have a very similar setup. I launch from Kodi, and I also use a Logitech keyboard, which runs every so smoothly, always, regardless of Launchbox / Bigbox version. 

    Im back to running beta 6 and so far it is the smoothest version of the beta. 

  12. Hey @Jason Carr, I reverted back to beta 1 and it does seem like everything is smoother. I'm not getting the stuttering / lag at all. I agree that the testing is sorta difficult since the behavior is rather sporadic. I spent about 10 minutes going in and out of games, testing the UI, back and forth and it seems pretty smooth on this beta. Going back to beta 9 makes it skippy again. Super weird!


    Edit: Just restarted beta 1 again and now it's being skippy / laggy. I don't know, you are probably right, maybe the issue was never corrected to begin with. :/

  13. 1 hour ago, Rjay said:

    I went to play some Games on Friday eve, Launchbox asked me to do the new Beta update prior so I went ahead, and it looked to me that the glitching was back even with the "Use All Controllers" option off :( I am going to give it a spin again this evening to verify so not sure if there is anything in that new update the might cause it

    I am having the same thing as well. Updated the new beta and now whether the controller option is checked or not, getting the stuttering again. 

  14. 50 minutes ago, Rjay said:

    Gave this a spin, it seems better/smoother but I am pretty sure I am still seeing the behaviour. I can scroll say 5 or so and then there is a pause, then scroll another handful and a pause. Doesn't appear when using up or down key on wireless KB. Anyone else tested from the thread?


    Yeah unfortunately I’m still getting frequent hangs, and just like in the videos I posted, the videos are still playing in the background as if it’s just not receiving controller input for a bit. 

    Controller speed is definitely snappier on the beta, so that’s a plus!

  15. 4 hours ago, Lordmonkus said:

    You have a better system than I do and I don't experience any lag issues so I would say your problem is elsewhere in your system.

    What controllers do you use out of curiosity?

  16. I can’t imagine how this spec related. I wouldn’t call i5 4460 and i7 4770k with all SSD, 16gb Ram, GTX 970 “low end.” I see others reporting modest specs as well. I hope this is high on the fix list. Thanks!

  17. 35 minutes ago, DOS76 said:

    You can try either using X-Padder, Controller Companion or something like Joy2Key which will allow your XBox controller to send keyboard presses in the BigBox UI until it is worked on. The issue I believe I saw mentioned was that the controllers aren't using multithreading like the key presses are hopefully until then you guys can make use of one of these or other mapping software that will allow you to get around the issue.

    Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. I will say that one of the reasons I switched from Hyperspin to Launchbox were added layers of complication (like depending on xpadder in certain situations). While xpadder and programs like it aren’t challenging to use, it’s just another variable that can go wrong. For a premium app, it shouldn’t be necessary to use additional apps for basic control of the GUI with the most popular controllers. I’m hoping there will be a fix before this thread hits its two year anniversary. For now I’m using an alternative front end. 

  18. I originally posted this in January 2017 and no signs of a fix since. I even renewed my year subscription hoping that there’d be a fix in an update but unfortunately there was not. I’d happily pay for an unlimited license but as it is I just can’t use the program. Hopeful there will be a fix someday though. 

  19. 50 minutes ago, Rjay said:

    @noiseordinance good move uploading the vids as that should give @Jason Carr a better idea of what we are seeing, that is identical to the symptoms I see. Added note if you go back one menu to the BB views/options/quit menu then the controller scrolls through fine :)

    Agreed, I've never had scrolling issues in the views / options / quit menu either. 

    The second clip in particular shows that the videos continue playing despite the scrolling hiccups. I'm not sure if that means anything...

  20. It seems to happen on all themes for me, even with all transitions off. I’m on 8.3 but this was happening in version 7 as well. I’ll try to get a video of the issues this evening. Thanks!

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