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  1. hey mate, just came across this exact issue myself. You find a solution? doesn't seem to make much sense seeings as the Blizzard app is still running in the tray and the actually connection to Servers seems to happen after it launches the exe. I am wondering if it is launching the exe with a specific switch. cheers
  2. Ok no problems, well we appreciate it man new version with those mods is slick as thanks!
  3. thanks mate! absolutely perfect. with the startup video both the startup and shutdown is now mint from Kodi and very sleek! got a donation scenario or dev page anywhere?
  4. Ace thats actually good to know but sorry maybe my bad explanation, is there a video option for when Big Box is exiting while Kodi is loading? or possibly I can use the suggestion above and hide the desktop icons
  5. Is there an exit video option as well?
  6. No problems thanks, will check this out, setting in the Kodi plugin or within Big Box itself?
  7. Gave this a spin this arvo, worked fine from a few starts so seems good thanks heaps for work on this man Is there any way ppl know of to not display the Windows desktop in the transition from Kodi to Big Box? Just to make it a bit more seamless
  8. Agreed thanks for the work on this, will give it a spin up on the weekend
  9. This would be great, I highly rate the integration as well. Allows me to run my Mini ITX media box as a great console replacement. Would definitely appreciate the integration being upgraded.
  10. Good questions, no emulators this end, main game I am seeing it repeated on is Street Fighter V but thats just because its what I am playing the most of at the moment. As it doesn't happen every time it would be a bit hard to test Windows Games as I only have 2 of those!
  11. Occasionally when I start a game from BigBox (especially if it is a resource heavy game that takes a little longer to load) the game will slip "out of focus" and BigBox will become focussed again and the game will not take over full screen. Have to bust out the keyboard and sort it out as nothing can be done from the Xbox controller. Doesn't happen a lot but enough for it to be a bit of an issue, especially if someone else in the house who is not techy encounters it. Any options/solutions? My usual gaming process is, Kodi will be open as it's the main lounge media box, go to the BigBox Kodi plugin and start BigBox, BigBox then kicks in and I choose a game and start. I would say 1 in 10 - 15 times I start Street Fighter V the game slips "behind" Big Box and starts but isn't in focus. thanks
  12. hey @Cointos, floating the idea of a feature request, addition to the Kodi BigBox launcher. Any chance it could be updated to include some features around initiating a streaming session of BigBox, not just launching a BigBox instance local to that workstation? The usecase for the idea is basically its great to have the same user experience on all your media/gaming endpoints in the house but its unlikely you are going to have gaming spec hardware at each location. Obviously with features like Steam Streaming and GeForce Streaming it would enable other endpoints to also play games. There are some Steam launchers and also Luna (although I could get the launcher install but not working in Kodi) but essentially they just supply a list of launchable/Streamable games. This is quite neat but obviously it's a different user experience if users are used to using the BigBox interface. If you add the BigBox.exe to the Geforce or Steam application as an additional program it can then stream that interface or it can be initiated manually through command line (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Moonlight Game Streaming\moonlight.exe" stream <insert-streaming-host-ip-here> "BigBox"). Obviously it would require prereqs that a user has a Nvidia card and installs Moonlight on their clients and then I was just thinking a tick box and some abilities to plug the command line into the BigBox launcher or some fields to receive the location of Moonlight, the name of the app to launch (you name them when adding to GeForce program) and the IP address of the host streaming device. Thoughts?
  13. do you mean when moving within menus? if so then yes thats basically exactly what this whole thread is about. The symptoms most were seeing is as you mentioned sometimes multiple presses of the up and down arrow keys within menus and also occasionally 1 longer press of the down key jumping a heap of menu items at once
  14. ok thats what I thought, I will do some extra testing with the priority change With the latest Beta 8 it was pretty damn smooth overall for myself, definitely far less glitchy and jumping between 1 to 5 games in the list that would occasionally happen in previous versions. The only lag I seem to see now is if it gets to a game title it might take an extra up or down press on the controller to get it to move to the next item but that is very rare If I find that the priority change does eliminate all problems then I can try to script something myself or request a mod from the Kodi Plugin Dev thanks
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