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  1. On 12/30/2020 at 10:23 AM, soqueroeu said:

    An excellent job. Gratitude to the author.
    I just think the source code / template could be released for those who want to continue this beautiful work. There are still many videos to be created.

    If you switch the changelog to the 1.03 you'll see a demo.zip download. The template and how to use it I put in there. 

    I apologize for all the requests people have. As it often does life gets in the way. Nothing bad, just been busy even with the whole pandemic situation going on.

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  2. Sorry, mid coaching season for me so I don't have a chance to check in often. Some of those requested I should be able to do when I get a bit more free time. The limiting factor on some of the requests is that ideally you want to have at least 8 games in a series or you'll wind up with duplicate screens. 

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  3. I'll put together a write up of what I do along with the templates into a zip file and add that in when I upload the next couple files.

    If there any particular series I can add them to the to do list. Making the final video is pretty easy as it's just replacing some files in the template. Toughest/longest part is finding/prepping the relevant sub videos to put in, so if there are particular games you'd prefer on the the screens I'm always open for the suggestions. That and I debate far to long on which music to add in and what image to use for the center.

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