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  1. If you switch the changelog to the 1.03 you'll see a demo.zip download. The template and how to use it I put in there. I apologize for all the requests people have. As it often does life gets in the way. Nothing bad, just been busy even with the whole pandemic situation going on.
  2. Sorry, mid coaching season for me so I don't have a chance to check in often. Some of those requested I should be able to do when I get a bit more free time. The limiting factor on some of the requests is that ideally you want to have at least 8 games in a series or you'll wind up with duplicate screens.
  3. Would you mind listing which point version your using. Sometimes it seems changes between points cause unexpected conflicts so I like to stay with the one you're using.
  4. Here's a set of 361 icons for playlist/genre that I made to match the Nostalgia style playlist videos I put together
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Greetings all, The set is to match the Playlist/Genre video set in the Nostalgia style I put together here: 361 total logos at the moment
  6. Silver Ring Clear Logo Genre/Playlist Set View File Greetings all, The set is to match the Playlist/Genre video set in the Nostalgia style I put together here: 361 total logos at the moment Submitter JPGIII Submitted 03/14/2019 Category Playlist Clear Logos
  7. Had the flu which knocked me out for a bit but I was able to put together the template files and guide, they are in the demo.zip file found on the 1.0.3 changelog.
  8. I'll put together a write up of what I do along with the templates into a zip file and add that in when I upload the next couple files. If there any particular series I can add them to the to do list. Making the final video is pretty easy as it's just replacing some files in the template. Toughest/longest part is finding/prepping the relevant sub videos to put in, so if there are particular games you'd prefer on the the screens I'm always open for the suggestions. That and I debate far to long on which music to add in and what image to use for the center.
  9. The info for mine: installed to Dropbox. The "install" technically spans 3 devices, 2 using Win10 Pro, the third using Win 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016. Not run on the LTSB but the folder syncs to it.
  10. Update from 9.3 to 9.4 for me. Didn't attempt bigbox till after which opened without issue. I didn't restart inbetween the removal of the VLC folder and the reinstall of the update.
  11. I just had a similar issue. I wound up deleting the VLC folder then installed over my existing install with the download from the update folder and that got me up and running. Edit: I also ran the installer as administrator
  12. I've added Nintendo, Sony, and Sega, and Atari to my list any other particular ones? Added on 2/10/19: First Person Shooters Flight Combat Flying Fighters (Same as Flight Combat except for center screen) Ancient Combat Ancient Warriors (Same as Ancient Combat except for center screen) Historic Combat (Same as Ancient Combat except for center screen) Boxing Car Combat Vehicular Carnage (Same as Car Combat except for center screen)
  13. Sorry for raising this thread from the dead, but I figured it was the appropriate place as it's where people with interest in this series would be. I've been making some playlist/genre videos using the assets Viking and Dragon provided and have shared them up in the downloads section
  14. Nostalgia Playlist Videos View File Greetings all, I've been a huge fan of the Nostalgia video sets that Viking and Dragon57 created and have been using them on my Big Box for a long while at this point. A few months back I asked them for permission and access to the source files for the playlist set and they generously provided them (to everyone!) I've been pretty busy since that time but lately I've been working on various playlist/genre videos in the style of the "Playlists" video from that set. Feel free to edit them as well. Thanks again to Viking and Dragon57 for making these possible. I've made a matching Clear Logo Set that can be found here: Current List: Ace Combat Armored Core Assassins Creed Baseball Basketball Batman Castlevania Contra Crash Bandicoot DC (Comics) Disney Final Fantasy Football Golf Hockey James Bond Mario Marvel (Comics) Mega Man Metroid Olympics Pac-man Racket Sports (same as tennis other than center screen) Sonic Spider-man Star Wars Tennis Wrestling X-Games (e.g. skateboarding, skydiving, snowboarding, etc.) Zelda Submitter JPGIII Submitted 02/06/2019 Category Playlist Theme Videos
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