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COLORFUL platform video set 2.1.5

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About This File

COLORFUL is a complete and coherent high quality graphic set, around a unique design. Made with love in France. I hope you like it ! ?
Here are planned development axes:



On this page we are talking about COLORFUL Platform Video Set:
A complete new series of platform video for our frontend!
Colorful is a modern and elegant way to present each platform, with its hardware of the time. With maximum accuracy and future proof. (4K video) 

I will make a first batch of 65 systems, according to my personal use.
But we are far from covering any game system!
If the community doesnt take over the creation, 2 choices:   the project stops  /or/  I finish it.
Problem, creating these videos takes a loooooot of time. And I have to deal with a full-time CGI artist job and 2 young kids.
So I opened a Patreon page that could allow me to dedicate days on my work time to continue creating video.
I'm not trying to get rich, but like everyone else, I cant spend 1 day/week working for free! I hope you understand.
If the project interests you: Here is my Patreon page.

Colorful_video_set_detail_by_viking.thumb.png.7dae58fccf97422fecda2c114aea0409.png# IN DETAIL ?
Obviously, Colorful is a direct legacy of my previous video set "Nostalgia". But improved on all aspects:

  • Centred design with colorful background, according to the platform. (theme/logo/box/design)
  • 4K video (3840x2160px) @ 30fps (MP4 H264 AAC)
  • HD video (1920x1080px) @ 30fps (MP4 H264 AAC)
  • Only available in 16:9, but design compatible with 4:3 crop.
  • All designs are completly rebuilt.
  • More care of details.
  • More TV variety and better accuracy.
  • Arcade cabinet fully made in CGI, by myself. More variety and better accuracy.
  • Added characteristic effect on CRT TV.
  • Added platform boot screen. (if existing)
  • All sources will be available soon. (Community effort!)

Initially, I was thinking of working in H265, more modern for 4K. But after talking with Jason, this is problematic on some old configuration and with Windows Media Player, which doesn't support it.
So, I will leave you the choice!

  • 4K | 3840x2160 | mp4 h264 AAC 
  • 4K | 3840x2160 | mp4 h265 AAC   (only on EmuMovies FTP)
  • HD | 1920x1080 | mp4 h264 AAC

 - On this download page = Only 4K - h264
On Download theme videos tools = both, 4K + HD version
On EmuMovies FTP = The 3 versions!



Yes, all sources are available on a dedicated page.  Everyone can create their own videos that will be included here, in this set. 
Some rules to follow:
  - Advertise on this thread which platform you want to achieve.
  - Post the work in progress on the same thread, for exchange/feedback.
  - Post the final video + sources on the same thread or by MP. To avoid scattering and centralize everything here.
  - I will moderate the general quality of your proposals for a coherent result.
So, I acting like a modertor on this thread.

Do you want to participate? Cool !! I post soon a guideline tutorial !

🏆 Community Wall of Fame 🏆


3 ways :

  1. One by one - right here, with the download button at the top right.
  2. Automatically - in LaunchBox > Tools > Download theme videos tools > Select "Colorful 4K" or "Colorful HD"
  3. By batch - On the Emumovies   FTP ://Official/Platform Videos/COLORFUL Platform Video Set by VIKING V2



  • @Jason Carr for his hard work on LaunchBox/BigBox!
  • @faeran for his huge work on the theme!
  • To all Patreon guys! A GIANT THANKS to all of you!!! ?
  • The whote community for yout support!


  • Each brand of hardware and software here represented as a tribute.
  • Emumovies for (most) gameplay videos
  • The Vanamo Online Game Museum for (most) photos.
  • If special credit, see .TXT file in the corresponding source archive.


Edited by viking

What's New in Version 2.1.5   See changelog


Little UPDATE today  =)
Thank you for your patience!

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Stunning thank you, would .love to see a video for a playlist of games supporting achievements!

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Dan Patrick

· Edited by Dan Patrick

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One of the most ambitious creations on this website. No question. Amazing stuff!

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  • The Cake is a Lie 1
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Stunning work! Thank you.

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Really great work creating these many thanks!

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This is one of the cleanest looking themes available for BigBox and looks amazing on my 4K TV. The entire experience is seem-less with the graphics being are nice and crisp.

I honestly can't go with any other theme on my TV once I gave this a shot. I keep giving other's a try, but I always come back to this.

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Excellent ! Thank's for all, great job !

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Love these vids! Can't wait to see the Amstrad CPC one when it gets done. I'm not sure why, but I love the look of that thing ?

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Wow. I didn't really think it could get better than your original videos, but these are incredible. Crisp and clean, easy on the eyes and ears. Combined with the colorful theme, you get a great period-appropriate overview of each console. I've preferred your videos since I started using Launchbox many years ago to create my own mini gaming museum. I am grateful for the alternate region variants and variety of less common hardware. Thank you for creating, sharing, and updating these awesome videos!

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Great videos, ccurrently my favourite and the ones i am using if available. 

Details, style, and care are all here, top notch quality indeed.

My only concern would be that those crt and console systems are smaller compared to the rest, they don't fill up the screen as much and they result bothering to look at while in the game details screen for instance, or in big box themes where they are not full screen.

Thank you!

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Amazing work!  Would you happen to have these colorful version HD in 4.3 aspect ratio?

Response from the author:

Crop video in 4:3 can be done on theme side. That's why I do this centred design. 😉 So, no. No specific 4:3 version.

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Love all of it, only issue is the Dreamcast video uses the PAL version I think? the blue spiral.... anyway to change this to make it like the NA version, with the red spiral? I know its nit picking but I wouldn't know if I didn't ask.

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