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  1. On 2/7/2019 at 5:21 AM, Retrofrogg said:

    Great work! As I group my platforms by manufacturer (Nintendo, Sega, etc) it would be great to have similar videos for manufacturers!

    I've added Nintendo, Sony, and Sega, and Atari to my list any other particular ones?

    Added on 2/10/19:

    • First Person Shooters
    • Flight Combat
    • Flying Fighters (Same as Flight Combat except for center screen)
    • Ancient Combat
    • Ancient Warriors (Same as Ancient Combat except for center screen)
    • Historic  Combat (Same as Ancient Combat except for center screen)
    • Boxing
    • Car Combat
    • Vehicular Carnage (Same as Car Combat except for center screen)
    • Game On 1
  2. Sorry for raising this thread from the dead, but I figured it was the appropriate place as it's where people with interest in this series would be. I've been making some playlist/genre videos using the assets Viking and Dragon provided and have shared them up in the downloads section 


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  3. Nostalgia Playlist Videos

    View File

    Greetings all, 

    I've been a huge fan of the Nostalgia video sets that Viking and Dragon57 created and have been using them on my Big Box for a long while at this point.

    A few months back I asked them for permission and access to the source files for the playlist set and they generously provided them (to everyone!)

    I've been pretty busy since that time but lately I've been working on various playlist/genre videos in the style of the "Playlists" video from that set. 

    Feel free to edit them as well. 

    Thanks again to Viking and Dragon57 for making these possible.

    I've made a matching Clear Logo Set that can be found here:


    Current List:

    • Ace Combat
    • Armored Core
    • Assassins Creed
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Batman
    • Castlevania
    • Contra
    • Crash Bandicoot
    • DC (Comics)
    • Disney
    • Final Fantasy
    • Football
    • Golf
    • Hockey
    • James Bond
    • Mario
    • Marvel (Comics)
    • Mega Man
    • Metroid
    • Olympics
    • Pac-man
    • Racket Sports (same as tennis other than center screen)
    • Sonic
    • Spider-man
    • Star Wars
    • Tennis
    • Wrestling
    • X-Games (e.g. skateboarding, skydiving, snowboarding, etc.)
    • Zelda


  4. Update to beta3 from beta2 caused Launchbox to fail to start for me, no listed errors. It would get to the end of initializing then just quit out like it was closing without ever loading the interface. I reinstalled beta3 manually but still no joy there.  I went back and reverted to 9.3 and was back in action. Didn't attempt to move to any of the betas again as of yet. I know just saying this isn't super helpful but I can grab any particular logs you may want.


    Edit: For the beta3 I did wait about 5 minutes after it closed out to see if it was updating anything unseen in the background. Pulled up the task manager but didn't see any VLC or Launchbox related processes running after it closed out. If it helps, I install directly into Dropbox.

  5. Well this is going slower than I hoped. This evening was the first time I had to chance to do any as baseball has been getting in the way of my free time as of late. A couple here that I was able to get done. With the new marquees retrolust is doing I may wind up redoing these down the line.

    Alpha Mission II-01.png

    Aero Fighters 2-01.png

    Andro Dunos-01.png

    Baseball Stars 2-01.png

    Battle Flip Shot-01.png

    Blazing Star-01.png

    Blue_s Journey-01.png

    Breakers Revenge-01.png

    Art of Fighting 3_ The Path of the Warrior-01.png

    Bang Bead-01.png

  6. For me, it's about things being uniform style/appearance. Many of the flyers are of different orientation, style and such. I'd be making these for myself either way, so I might as well share them.

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  7. Working on a new project to create "Front Box Covers" for the Arcade Platform (no filler all killer set). Since box covers don't actually exist I thought it would be a cool idea to create a representation of the front of an arcade machine as that what you would see walking up. I've altered some artwork assets Viking shared from his video set to create a template I can load marque and screenshot graphics into that comes out pretty good. Need to streamline the template a bit more with a few tweeks including various proportioned screeds (for vertical and odd sized res games) but that's coming along. 

    Figured I'd ask for others opinions on what would be tweeks that could be made that they think would make it come out better. 

    Screenshot of what they look like in action as well as with and without a game screenshot are below.


    Altered Beast-NoScreenGraphc.png

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-01.png

    Super Baseball 2020-01.png



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  8. SuperSprayer40 made that set so perhaps he can add it. Here are a few alternates to use if you want. The first one is in his style but isn't the same since I didn't do any color matching or whatnot.









  9. I'd vote for non-merged. 

    I'd love sub-splits by platform rather than genre, I know playlists can cover this but I like keeping the files for different arcade boards in different folders.

    For missing, I'd put blitz in, but that requires a chd

  10. PC Game Silver Ring Clear Logos

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    Silver Ring Clear logs for PC games on various digital distribution platforms, goes well with my PC Game Boxart I have uploaded in the Game Covers download section. 

    I've included the png templates in each of the individual downloads as well as a zip containing all in one shot. 

    The list zip has text listings of what's included in each file. Steam and GoG are the primary platforms I use so the majority are under those banners. 


  11. PC Online Platforms Game Box Covers

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    2D front cover boxes for PC games installed from various online distribution platforms.

    It was driving me crazy when scrolling through Bigbox and seeing box art of various size shapes and quality. So I went ahead and make uniform covers for all the PC games I currently have installed (plus a handful of extras).  Hopefully they will be useful for others as well.

    I made all of these with my latest version of the PC Box Cover Maker photoshop file linked below (it also has additional artwork I'm not using here). The boxes all use the best cover art I could find. I tried to avoid when possible any additional labels on artwork such as "PC/DVD-rom" (the bane of my existence with these), ratings and restrictions. I also did everything I could to avoid non-uniform scaling of the images when positioning for cropping to keep them as good looking as possible. Each cover is setup with a banner representing the platform across the top and in a transparent "DVD case" as I found for my Bigbox setup that is what looked best. 

    As this is a living room PC most of the artwork is for games that I have set up to be used with a controller so some genres such as strategy, adventure, management, and other mouse driven games is a bit lacking. Steam and GoG.com are the primary platforms I use so most of the files are in those formats (sorry Uplay). I've included a BoxLists.zip that includes a text list for each of the platforms so you can check that out before downloading any of the larger files to see if it would work for you.

    Current counts for each file are:

    • Gog - 177
    • Origin - 25
    • Steam - 637
    • Uplay - 3
    • Xbox Play Anywhere - 16








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