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  1. is there a way to change bigbox logo when loading? i dont really like the bigbox logo lol, so i was wondering if theres a way to change it to launchbox logo or set a custom one.
  2. X2 on this, theres must be a way to hide those options from the kids or ppl who dont know how to use it properly..... its a real pain not been able to hide it and leave an exit button.
  3. ill do the same, btw if u increse the amount of memory for the program it seams to work a bit better, im thinking this is an input tracking error, i saw something like this in other program i just cant remember how did i fix it....
  4. is not like that, i just wanna make it work as its supposed to, and still gotta test with my other computers.
  5. no solution at all, i have try changing some values on nvidia control panel but dosnt seams to be afected it. il try several things tomorrow, i dunno whats going on it looks prety amazing on the promotional videos.
  6. to close all emulators u guys can use alt+f4 with joy to key using a combo (like select+star)
  7. i have try a coople of things, i forgot to mention im runing a 4k resolution, but im sure thats not the problem cuz i also test it in other resolutions and its the same no matter what resolution im runing, i allready try closing all programas unistaling softwares clean posible adwares or spoyrwares etc i need to test on other compures just to be sure i have another one with the same procesor and ram just diferent board , and also few amd cpus i have like 10 compures to test it so i hope ill find out whats going on. ill update this if i find a solution.
  8. hi, i have a problem with the Bigbox 7.4 low performance, on coverflow or any theme view it just slow down covers like laging or something im not sure whatsgoing on my specs i7 47770k z87xudh5 16gb of ram 2400mhz ssd 500gb (main disk for teh program and files) video card gtx 1080 Windows 10 pro 64bit, im wondering if maybe im missing something, ill try to upload a video of the problem if is needed but i belive someone else have the same problem. my menú is not even close to be fluid,.. sometimes takes like 2 sec to move from one cover to another one. any help will be apreciated.
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