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  1. Nice, how do we upgrade to the new one, do we need to delete the existing plugin so it doesn't cause problems?
  2. Thanks for the heads up, going to avoid updating until its all worked out
  3. How can I update to a new PCSX2 without overwriting the configs, just extract over the top of existing?
  4. I also hate FXAA and would gladly take no aliasing over it. Oh if you're still doing requests I wouldn't mind the xenosaga series, I did the first two and I remember having to do a lot of fiddling with it especially with 2, and 3 looks no different. On the other hand if you want some "freebies" I think the Ar Tonelico games only require like 1 non default setting
  5. EDIT: nevermind, fixed by the post a couple above mine Instead I'll just say thanks so much for making this, it's fantastic, hope you keep working on the per game configs!
  6. " Hold down Shift or Joystick Button 7 (L2 on my PS2 Joystick) while launching a game in LaunchBox to create a Game-Specific Configuration for that game. Any option you change will be configured specifically for this game only." Sorry been a while since I used this, does that mean any change from after you've launched the game, or does it apply whatever settings you already put to that game?
  7. Still doing this for me, works completely fine if I use pcsx2 itself
  8. That was it, thanks! Is it supposed to automatically be added though? Cuz it didn't for me. Also any command for maximizing the window automatically that isn't full screen? I like to alt tab a lot and prefer maximized window.
  9. Using Dolphin 5.0 and latest launchbox download I get this error when launching games, tried a couple to be sure and this one Here's associated platforms and emulator details Works fine on Dolphin itself
  10. firion

    How to add PPSSPP?

    SentaiBrad said Of course, no problem! Thank you :) Any way to add steam games that don't show up under your profile? EG I have a couple family shared games and simply adding a new game and setting the directory doesn't seem to work
  11. firion

    Gamepads etc

    To me it seems like there's no perfect solution yet, without spending an arm and a leg. Xbone controller comes the closest from what I hear (haven't had the chance to try it myself sadly) but if you want wireless and rechargable batteries (which I imagine you would in 2016) its gunna cost $100 unless you get paart of it on sale. Theres 360 controllers + adapter which aren't too expensive but then there's the terrible dpad. The Dualshock 3 requires third party drivers and a lot of people don't like the ergonomics (though it has pressure sensitive buttons as a bonus). There's the dualshock 4 but it requires third party drivers and has terrible battery life. And there's the Wii U Pro Controller which requires an adapter and has digital triggers so can't be used for racing games. Of course if you don't mind wired then its a bit different. My personal preference is for the Wii U Pro Controller because it works really well with the adapter has an insanely long battery life and I don't care much about racing games and actually prefer digital triggers, find them less tiresome.
  12. firion

    How to add PPSSPP?

    SentaiBrad said You can add any emulator, or anything at all really, to LaunchBox. I covered the PSP in our tutorial series and I used PPSSPP in fact. If it's not on the list, you can still manually add it. It's the platform name that needs to be default for the best possible scraping. Ahh I see, thank you, Ill do that! BTW if its okay I might just post in here more if I have a couple more small questions
  13. firion

    How to add PPSSPP?

    Title. I'd rather use standalone since the retroarch version is fairly outdated iirc, didn't see it on the list unless I just missed it.
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