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  1. I understand Too Bad, I think I'll have to make a script then to modify the notes node in the xml files with data from wikipedia when available
  2. Hmm, no ! So that was it... thx
  3. Hi, When I am using the Scan for Added Roms functionality after copyng files in the right directories (ie where theother roms for the concerned platform are already stored), Launchbox do no detect any new rom. The Scan for Removed ROMs function is working as intended but this one don't. I'm forced to make an "Import" then specify the folder one more time, etc. Am I missing something here ? thx
  4. Hi, I'm new to Launchbox and so far I think it is a really great front end ! I wondered if there is a way to request localized version of Wikipedia to get game details ? I mean, I have no problem with english but I still prefer my language It would be great because if doable, I wont have to copy/paste info manually for each game notes thx
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