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  1. Awww thats disappointing. So are u working on this alone then faeran?
  2. Shinryu

    sega genesis core for achievments

    In RetroArch, go to 'Achievements' option and the 'Achievement Badges' option is 4th option from the bottom.
  3. Shinryu

    sega genesis core for achievments

    Yes do you have the latest version of retroarch (1.7.3)?
  4. Shinryu

    sega genesis core for achievments

    Turn on Achievement Badges option and wait a few seconds for them to load. Go out and back in the retroarch menu for them to show up.
  5. Shinryu

    gog.com Plugin

    Yay now its working but not on launchbox.next, only launchbox. You should update it to work on launchbox.next soon as Jason is going to completely replace launchbox with launchbox.next in the next 1 or 2 stable releases. Thanks for making awesome plugin.
  6. Shinryu

    gog.com Plugin

    How do I get this plugin to work? I've extracted the gogPlugin folder to the launchbox plugins folder and now what do I do?
  7. Shinryu

    Mr. RetroLust's new man/game cave

  8. Shinryu

    Retro Achievements Brainstorming

    Probably next 2 or 3 stable releases as Jason wants to fully complete Launchbox.Next and have it replace normal Launchbox first. I'm also looking forward to further retroachievement integration. X-D
  9. It's coming along splendidly. X-D Good job so far.
  10. OMG OMG That awesomeness is seriously off the charts. 8-O Well I now know what theme I'm going to use as soon as it is released. X-D
  11. I'm just dying to download and use these. X-D
  12. I'm waiting for rpcs3 to be able to run Bleach Soul Resurrecion.
  13. Hey guys if anyone is having problems with these overlays not showing even with the .cfg file, remove any and all spaces in the file name of the .png file AND inside the .cfg file. So for example instead of Atari 2600.png, rename it to Atari2600.png and make sure inside the .cfg file, it also says Atari2600.png.
  14. Shinryu

    RetroHumanoid Collection Video Set

    11.58GB in total? Wow.Well done for uploading so many.
  15. I normally don't use overlays but I'll definitely make an exception for this.