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  1. Hi thanks for the reply - Understand it's an older theme, I'm having trouble trying to sort/group by 4:3 themes only and was happy to find yours. I only was trying to change it to WMP as per the posts above in this thread were indicating that with WMP, the video didn't "Zoom" in and it sounded like the theme was supposedly working well with WMP but not VLC because of some uknown video alignment issue. But when I tried WMP, I can't get it to play videos at all. Anyways, thanks for the help Damn you're right !! I use WMP for videos and it works very well. But with VLC, there are no more platform videos and the gameplay videos are zoomed! Someone has an idea? [ Same in French : Arg ! J'utilise WMP pour les vidéos et il n'y a pas de problème. Mais avec VLC, effectivement, ça déconne complet. Les platform ne s'affiche pas et les games sont zommé. Quelqu'un a une idée ? ] Here is the code I use for Platform page :
  2. @viking Hi Viking, I really liked your theme so I'm attempting to use it on my cabinet/CRT. I'm having the same problem as the other user in this thread in regards to using VLC and experiencing the videos zoomed in. I'm fine with not using VLC, but when I switch to Windows Media Player in the options it says its not recommended and that I may have compatibility issues. When I select it to test, I only will hear audio for the preview videos but cannot view them. Have you been able to figure out the cause of VLC not working correctly or have any suggestions of how I can successfully convert to Windows Media Player? Thanks for any help!
  3. in case it helps someone else, the problem was that I needed to enable all controllers in the big box options - > controllers section. It also turned out that I do not need JoytoKey
  4. Hi all, I have Bigbox on a PC within an Arcade cabinent, along with Ultrastick 360 joysticks w/ the JoytoKey software. I am able to navigate the Bigbox menu with the joysticks. However, it appears I can only scroll one item at a time. I am not able to hold down or hold up the joystick to quickly/auto scroll. It will only increment once. I've been unable to find where the setting is to have continuous scrolling when I'm holding the joy stick up or down. Thanks for any help!
  5. Hi there, I've also just did a mass import of MSDOS games into Launchbox and I was under the assumption it would just create 1 entry for each game, but I've ended up with many many many duplicates! Were you ever able to find out of there was an "out of the box" way to fix them or have you continued on using this script you've created? If you've just ended up using your script, how does it work? How does it handle games that are similar but different, (ex. Doom and Doom II)? Thanks for any support!
  6. Hi all, as I migrate/setup Launchbox I'm learning a little more each day - I have a question that I have not yet been able to solve: Is it possible within a platform to filter and show only the games that are missing "matches"/artwork? That would make it easier for me to go down the list and attempt to manually edit each one to try to find a match. Thanks for any help!
  7. This worked thank you! Going forward, is this the fastest/recommended way to do it? Update the path in the platform edit option and then "select all" games and change rom path? Thanks again for the help!
  8. Hello all - I'm a new Launchbox convert switching over from Hyperspin and believe I'm stuck on something basic - I have imported in all my roms for each platform. When I did so, my roms were on an external hd; however, I allowed Launchbox copy the games over to my local C launchbox folder to do the import process (I elected to do this because the Launchbox dialog box said that if I imported using another directory, it would not be able to correctly categorize the roms). Now that all the media content has been imported into Launchbox, I tried to switch the rom path directory back to the external drive (I went to Tools -> Manage platforms -> Super Nintendo (as an example) -> Folders -> Then I changed the folder path for the "Game" to be my external drive). But once I did that, when I attempt to launch a game, I get the "the ROM file you've specified does not exist". I next checked the Launchbox -> Data -> "Platforms" xml file. I was able to confirm that the rom path in the Super Nintendo section read the external hard drive rom path. Then, I went into the Platforms folder itself and opened up the Super Nintendo dedicated xml file. As I looked at each game, I noticed that the "Application Path" still read the original launchbox/games folder directory and NOT the updated external HD rom path. I have not tried to manually find & replace these yet in the XML file because I figured there must be a step I'm missing in the UI, but it appears it's not as simple as updating the rom (game) path from the "Edit Platform" options. Thanks for any help!
  9. Just saw the youtube tutorial on importing mame games, it looks like you have options in the import wizard upfront to create sub categorized playlists (this is really nice) - so no need to manually create these individualized xml files it sounds like.
  10. Hello all, this is my first post on the launchbox forums: I'm trying to move my arcade cabinet front end setup from Hyperspin to Bigbox. In Hyperspin, there were tools to split out subsets of roms into unique XML files that acted as Hyperspin/RocketLauncher's database of roms per wheel. That way, if you had a rom set of 100 roms, but only wanted to display 50 of them within your front end wheel, you could create an XML for just those 50 roms and then only the art/logos/videos would be available for that subset of 50. (usually you would do this to break roms out into arcade manufacturer like "Capcom Classics" or similar. In my old setup, I had a main wheel of basically my full mame rom directory. I was able to use "Don's Hyperspin tools" to thin the list down so it didn't have all the crazy adult/mahjong type games, but it was still ultimately flawed as I had multiple copies of some games (2 player and 4 player versions of "Xmen" for example). I'm trying to not reproduce those problems in the new Bigbox setup by utilizing this "All Killer, No Filler" work that seemingly a lot of effort has went into: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,149708.msg1563036.html#msg1563036 I would like to utilize the XMLs generated from the "All Killer, "no filler" work in order to only import those specific Mame roms and only sync art/logs/videos for that subset of games. I'm too new to Bigbox so far and have not been able to find out if this is possible or not, thanks for any help and really appreciate it. Really excited to start using Bigbox!
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