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  1. Thank you - for some reason I didn't get a notification that anyone had responded to my question (I usually do) - I just randomly checked my old question and here you are with the answer! Really appreciated
  2. Hi, I probably didn't explain that well in the subject, so here's a better go: I have a recent MAME full set and when I import to LB it strips away all the clones and regional versions and leaves me with a nice lean set. So what I'd like to do is just save the ROMS that the MAME importer selected into a new folder, so I have just them in one place, is that possible?
  3. Yes, it's really helpful - I had no idea LB could do this and for every system too - brilliant.
  4. Hi all, is there a current list for rom name vs the actual game name? I know there's one for RetroPie users 0.171 here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1antILt7D12EWOFzyJwTfB86NceghMJKXG7CdYumuHec/edit#gid=0 Is there one for the current set 0.210 or does anyone know how I can make one (just after MAME rom name and what game it relates to) Thanks!
  5. Cheers mate, that's sorted it. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me, I have LB/BB and this theme set up perfectly now, very happy 👍
  6. That's great - I have changed the view and can now see two images per game. How do I change those two images to Box Cover and Screenshot - Gameplay? Right now it's just showing me two screenshots, thanks!
  7. How do I get two images side by side like in this example on the right? I'd love to have a box cover and screenshot - gameplay - thanks.
  8. Hi all, I've installed LB and BB to a new USB drive and the .exe icons have now disappeared/turned white. They were there one minute but are now gone. I formatted the USB stick and reinstalled but no change. The uninstall icon is there as you can see and this is what the icon's properties look like: If I create a shortcut to the .exe and go to Change Icon... It says it's already using the missing icon!! If I install to the deafult directory on my SSD, it's fine: If I then drag the LaunchBox folder from the SSD to the USB they instantly disappear. Any ideas what's going on? (I've checked the USB has full write permission via DiskPart) Thanks!
  9. Hi, I had the same problem when trying to get the RetroArch - NeoGeo Pocket Color core to work and found this thread. Nothing worked for me but in the end I just started trying everything. I had to put the core default line in both Associated Platforms (like it says on the YouTube tutorials) and also add it to the Emulator Details: Once it was in both places, it worked. Hope that helps you.
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