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  1. Did you ever get this working? I am having the same issue. I am using the MAME software list Roms, but cannot get them to run. I also tried the Atari800 core in Retroarch and can't get to run either,
  2. I understand that you can Copy to excel or google docs, but that doesn't take the links and checkboxes etc. Does it already save this information somewhere that you can continue to pull it up and work with it? On large systems that would save a lot of time from having to keep pulling it up each time you want to use. I have looked, maybe I just missed something? -Burrito
  3. Yes... I deleted the VLC folder, restarted, hit play and it errors out and exits LB. I also noted that it recreates the VLC folder.
  4. Has anyone else had this issue/resolved? I'm not on the beta but have this same issue on the latest stable release. I pointed the music folder to the mame soundtracks folder included in the mame extras set and get same exact issue where launchbox closes when trying to play track. The extras has all tracks from game ripped into a folder named after game rom.
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