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  1. OK i guess i'm the only person that can't figure out how to get it to work. So can someone help a Newb out. I downloaded the file and placed it in the launchbox themes folder then extracted there. Was that Correct?
  2. Wish it there was an automatic. Like I said over tried everything under the sun to get my controller to work in Hyperspin. So if I got to do minor configurations and people that will help I'm down like James Brown to pony of the $50 for premium
  3. OH ok awesome. Like i said if i can get this to work i'll gladly donate the $50. I've just been messing with hyperspin and rocket launcher with joytokey for a month now and can only get the 360 controllers to control those two programs. to play any of the emulators i got to use the keyboard
  4. OK so I'll trust yall and get the premium. Thank you. I just hope i don't wanna waste more money.
  5. DOS76, OK so have you successfully been able to setup the xbox 360 wireless controllers to it? I'm waiting on my X-Arcade tankstick to come in and just trying to use the 360 controllers as a stand in until my tankstick comes in. Then i want to use the 360 controllers for like player 3 & 4 if i get a group of friend over to play a few of the 4 player games. Thanks James
  6. OK so Basically i would have to buy the Premium an get bigbox and i should be OK. Man i don't want to spend the money and just be mad because i still can't map things. UHHH why can't things work like they are supposed to after buying all the stuff watching the YouTube videos and reading the forums for hours upon end with no avail. Thanks FromLostDays. I'll consider dropping another 50 to see if i can get it working after i check out the free part of it. Thanks James
  7. I have no problem at dropping $50 for the Premium if everything works and i can get my controllers working on my game systems when launched. I spent 50 on Hyperspin and 50 on EMC with tons of awesome looking stuff that i can only get to play from off my keyboard. I'm not a keyboard player i prefer a controller or a joystick. I even bought joytokey to try to help me out with stick no luck. if i can get the free version up and running i will def buy the premium to help Jason out on keeping everything up and running. Can anyone tell me if controller setup is included in the free version and if its hard to setup up, as i am a noob when it comes to setting up thing on my computer and Simply Austin said that this is the system that i should try to use if i failed at Hyperspin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank James
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