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  1. quick menu -> shader -> Shader parameters -> Adjust non-integer scale, x offset and y offset. The size will be consistant for most of my vertical bezels, but there are some that will need additional tweaking. It is a somewhat laborious process but I think its worth it.

    For games that don't support portrait resolutions I use irotate to rotate the monitor before game launch and then rotate it back after launch. These are my settings.




  2. I just thought of one more caveat that is good to know. I don't know how to do the complicated process of editing the options views in big box, so I personally also download vertigo and drag all of the options views in to my vertical prototype folder in order to make them usable. If anyone out there is knowledgeable enough to do that for me I would appreciate it. It is pretty much the only thing stopping me from publishing this as a real theme instead of a template.

  3. Hey Jezz, this is a work in progress theme and template meant for user specific customization. It's not plug and play. you must first download y2guru theme creator and then load this theme. You can then publish to use in Bigbox.

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