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  1. I understand running a full time vertical screen is a pretty niche endeavor. I appreciate the ability to use Bigbox along with the theme creator to make it work for me. Keep up the good work guys!
  2. quick menu -> shader -> Shader parameters -> Adjust non-integer scale, x offset and y offset. The size will be consistant for most of my vertical bezels, but there are some that will need additional tweaking. It is a somewhat laborious process but I think its worth it. For games that don't support portrait resolutions I use irotate to rotate the monitor before game launch and then rotate it back after launch. These are my settings.
  3. I'm not sure what his work flow looks like but I'd be interested to know as well.
  4. Its worth noting that viking released the assets to his videos. If you had access to Photoshop and After Effects you could replace the gameplay videos and add marquees for your preferred games. There are only a handful of modern convertibles (Taito Viewlix, Namco Noir and Sega Lindbergh). These 3d models are a huge undertaking and will take a lot of time, but I can envision a future where viking and others like him have lovingly recreated most machines in cgi and we can enjoy our collections in a virtual reality arcade experience.
  5. Out of curiosity, what kind of thing did you have in mind?
  6. @tomkun I believe he did publish a TTX video that features viewlix cabs. I'd love to see some naomi/atomiswave era candy cabs.
  7. I can also confirm. This issue seems to be resolved for me as well. Thanks!
  8. its an off brand (Arteck) wireless keyboard trackpad thing. No anti-malware other than Windows Defender. I closed down all other apps and unplugged my controller. There doesn't seem to be a particular application/game or input method that causes it. Around half the time, Bigbox crashes after it receives its first input after coming out of a game. I have to run for the day, but I'll check back in this evening.
  9. I shut down xpadder and Bigbox crashed when it received a keyboard input.
  10. yes for sure. It did just happen again. I'll keep banging on it to see if I can narrow it any more.
  11. I use a qanba q4 raf fightstick. I also use xpadder keyboard mapper for a handful of games/systems. I'm beginning to suspect xpadder, but I'm having trouble getting it to crash now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Unfortunately that didn't work. However, I did notice that BigBox didn't crash until it received an input. So about half of the time it crashes when it receives the first input after coming back in to focus.
  13. I'm having a similar issue when exiting games from Bigbox.
  14. I just thought of one more caveat that is good to know. I don't know how to do the complicated process of editing the options views in big box, so I personally also download vertigo and drag all of the options views in to my vertical prototype folder in order to make them usable. If anyone out there is knowledgeable enough to do that for me I would appreciate it. It is pretty much the only thing stopping me from publishing this as a real theme instead of a template.
  15. Yeah the monitor must be in portrait mode when you launch the editor. It uses whatever resolution your main windows monitor is.
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