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  1. With the recent new feature to manage your themes directly within Big Box, that was an extraordinary new enhancement to bring easy visibility to available themes available in a central repository where they could be previewed, installed, uninstalled, applied, etc...everybody is aware of all that good stuff by now. I would love to see this architecture expanded upon by introducing a manager in the menu for platform/playlist videos where they are easily previewed through streaming, and can easily be installed and applied. It would in essence either replace the current feature in LaunchBox or overhaul and supplement the current feature so management can take place within both apps. Thoughts?
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    Forgive me if this isn't the right place to suggest a new field, but related to "Game Manual Path", it would be cool to see a "Game Strategy Guide Path" under each game's "Other" tab.. A good number of games have PDF scans of books and guides out there these days.
  3. Same thing with this plugin, no Tools -> Import menu option. Upgrade to Launchbox_next maybe broke it?
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