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  1. Top NES Games

    The definitive top NES games. Included is four files so you can use whichever works for you: Top 4, 10, 16, and 29. If you want best 65, there's another file on the forum by Jason Carr. I'd recommend the top 4 or top 10
    All the top games lists seem opinionated so I decided to make a list that would just be the games most people agree belong on such a list without anyone's personal idiosyncrasies (If this was my personal list you'd see Solar Jetman, but that's a niche game). 
    In case anyone cares, this was my process. First I looked through 14 Top nes lists, and made a list of games that were in most of them. I then gave them point values based on how many lists they were in and how high in those lists, and deleted those with low scores. Next, I compared each of the games to each other (looking at each list that two games are in and seeing which is higher than the other the majority of the time). I then ordered them based on that and deleted the bottom ones (sorry Duck Hunt, you're always at the bottom of the list). At this point, I had 29 games and decided to go with that number rather than delete four games just for the sake of having a round number (though I'm not sure that the bottom three games belong, they sort of teetered on the edge of being included or dropped). I split them into groups based on where there was a decent drop from one game to the next, though this was much more apparent in tier 1->2->3 than 3->4. 
    Here's the list if you want to see it before downloading the xml:
    Tier 1:
    1 Super Mario Bros. 3
    2 The Legend of Zelda
    3 Mega Man 2
    4 Metroid
    Tier 2:
    5 Super Mario Bros.
    6 Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
    7 Bionic Commando
    8 Contra
    9 (Mike Tyson's) Punch-Out!!
    10 Final Fantasy
    Tier 3:
    11 Super Mario Bros. 2
    12 Kirby's Adventure
    13 Tetris (preferably tengen)
    14 River City Ransom
    15 Crystalis
    16 Ninja Gaiden
    Tier 4:
    17 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    18 Castlevania
    19 Mega Man 3
    20 Bubble Bobble
    21 Blaster Master
    22 Tecmo Super Bowl
    23 Dragon Warrior III
    24 DuckTales
    25 Excitebike
    26 Kid Icarus
    Tier 4.5
    27 Metal Gear
    28 R.C. Pro-Am
    29 Dragon Warrior
    Although you'd think that this method would miss out on games in a series thanks to different lists having different entries, I found that this was not the case. Even pooling games from a series that no single entry made it did not make any series make it. At best you got something like Duck Hunt, a game at the bottom of every list.
    That being said, I did pool the nintendo version of tetris with the tengen version. Most lists had only one, but no list specified nintendo over tengen and some did vice versa, so I counted nintendo tetris as tengen tetris (except for one list that had both)
    Personal note, do not play the gba version of Super Mario Bros 3. Play either the NES or SNES version. The GBA version might have some extra features, but restarting from the level rather than the world ruins the game
    Also, although it's on the list, don't play the nes version of Metal Gear. Play either the msx2 version or the slightly updated port included in the ps2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence disk 2 and the xbox 360, ps3, and psvita Metal Gear Solid 3 HD edition
    That's all, enjoy!


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  2. Top Atari 2600 Games

    The definitive Top Atari 2600 Games. Included are top 2 and top 11 games. Made in the same way as my other lists.
    Tier 1:
    1. Space Invaders
    2. Pitfall!
    Tier 2:
    3. Adventure
    4. Missile Command
    5. Asteroids
    6. Combat
    7. Frogger
    8. River Raid
    9. Video Olympics (Pong)
    10. Yars' Revenge
    11. Centipede


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  3. Top ColecoVision Games

    The definitive top ColecoVision games. Included is three files so you can use whichever works for you: Top 3, 5, and 7. I'd recommend the top 5.
    I made this list the same way that I made the Top Nes list, but I'm not sure that this was the best method. There weren't as many or as big lists online for the ColecoVision as the Nes so it's mostly based on how many lists each game is in rather than how a game compares to another when they're on the same list. This is also why there are less games on this list, there's only a consensus on five or so games that they deserve being in a top games list (as opposed to the 40 or so games on the NES that I was able to be stricter and cut it down)
    There wasn't really enough data to rank the games just put them into tiers so here are the tiers:
    Tier 1: Donkey Kong Junior, Pepper II, Venture
    Tier 2: Zaxxon, BurgerTime
    Tier 3: Jumpman Junior, Donkey Kong


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