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  1. Oh, thanks for the response man! I appreciate the assistance. Altho now my LB has sorta crashed so now i have to reinstall the program regardless. But i am of course taking all of my files and i will place it to my own LB once it's all done. Yeah, i was on beta actually. I may actually revert back and be an ordinary user and not a beta. Much appreciation!
  2. Hi. I have been using Launchbox for a real long time, i have never really had an issue with Launchbox/Bigbox up until now. I love this program, i love how i can easily orginize my games and make it look like a great library of amazing community creators and what not. I use it on a daily basis because i think it's so great. But now that i try to launch Launchbox. (Whenever it's the Launchbox app or Bigbox app) It tells me to install the latest .Net Core from Windows. I use an Windows operating system, and i have checked out a bunch of 3.1 cores, and 5.0 cores. And i just cannot seem to get it to work, i have also tried to uninstal some of the cores by going to the settings, and installing new ones. But none of it works. I would love any kind of help i can get. Thank you all, and have a fantastic day.
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