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  1. If I do that, almost 50% of the clones are not fused into one game, and I have to manually merge them. for example, I get this but using the folders, I get: already tried, without success or this: that's not useful information about the clone. I cannot distinguish them
  2. Also, if I try to use the default Arcade platform name, instead of TeST as a name, the imported clones work, but they are all name the same.. why? clones should use their name instead of the FOLDER name
  3. Hello! I have a lot of game that are ignored. I already tried forcing duplicated, unchecking database metadata, include all clones... without success. I'm using this configurations: for example, I have the next folders, and their rom and clones inside: Woodpecker |-> woodpeca.zip |-> woodpeck.zip Zarzon: |-> zarzon.zip Zero Time |-> zerotime.zip |-> zerotimed.zip |-> zerotimemc.zip |-> zerotimeeu.zip Zig Zag |-> zigzagb.zip |-> zigzagb2.zip But launchbox only imports: Woodpecker |-> woodpeck.zip Zarzon: |-> zarzon.zip Zero Time |-> zerotime.zip Zig Zag |-> zigzagb.zip Why the clones are ignored? I want to "fuse" all the clones under the same title automatically like this: NOTE: If I uncheck "combine rom with matching titles into a single game" I get the SAME results
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