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  1. Thank you so much @Retro808 can't believe I missed that
  2. Hello, I am putting the finishing touches on my custom theme. But I cannot find a way to edit the exit screen of a game that shows "Game Over". Want to edit the color, font, background etc. I saw on a post here from a while back that apparently the default theme has a shutdown.xaml file. But I can't seem to find it in the default theme or any of the other community themes. Tried doing a search within system and style theme files to find it and can't seem to locate the code. If anyone can point me towards its location would be much appreciated thanks! nick
  3. When launching a Nintendo 3DS game from BigBox, it opens in Citra perfectly in fullscreen, but if I want to access to the "Game Pause" screen via my Controller hotkey, it doesn't show the "Game Pause" screen automatically. I have to Alt+Tab to get to it. The interesting thing is that the Game Pause screen actually opens as an extra "Big Box" Window. This works flawlessly with Dolphin and RetroArch but for some reason cannot get it to work with Citra. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  4. Hey @C-Beats I do indeed confirm it has been resolved! I'm so excited and happy about 11.10's new views and thankful to you and @Jason Carr for your constant follow-up and diligence. I genuinely had a fun time troubleshooting with you guys! Looking forward to designing my first theme for the community and If I come across anything else I'll let you know, thanks again!
  5. Hey @C-Beats I have had a chance to test the beta 2 update in regards to the Grid Jump issue. The issue has unfortunately not been resolved. But the good news is that some changes have happened, which could point to the source of the problem. Change # 1: The good news is that now a Grid with 15 Games no longer jumps (it did in Beta 1) as you can see below: b.mov Change # 2: The bad news is that now a Grid with 10 Games is jumping (it did not in Beta 1, and it also did not do this in final release of 11.10) as you can see below: a.mov Finally the pr
  6. Awesome! Will check out to see if it resolves the NavigationRows jump issues with specific number of games. Thanks
  7. That's so strange? Are you using the Property SelectedItemZPosition in the CoverFlow? It has to have a relatively larger value than ItemZPosition like below relative to CameraZPosition? And it's still not working? CameraZPosition="2" ItemZPosition="2" SelectedItemZPosition="2.5"
  8. Honestly am torn between v4 and v4.2? I love the contrast of v4. Maybe in v4.2 if the red space is increased a little bit along the x axis? As it goes just a tiny bit beyond the midpoint, it might look a bit better closer to 2/3 of the way along the x-axis cause it's all red? (The effect is less visible in v4 cause of the white contrast on the left).
  9. the eternal battle between form and function. It's a tough decision but from what I can tell going through this thread and previous versions, it seems like the majority aren't bothered by the lack of text list view. Though yes it would be nice to have. I guess the real question is over the long term which would be more pleasing/give the most utility. Also I think a huge bonus is the WallGamesView grid, that was such a highly requested feature because it gives a very good zoomed out view of everything, one could argue, philosophically similar to what a text view does (a little bit). My vote is
  10. It's my pleasure @viking! I'm definitely voting TGV3 after your latest mockups! It looks amazing. As for the Platform3 mockup below, yeah I didn't even think about the code when I did the mockup haha sorry about that. But I did try and dig up some xaml properties for quite a bit and tried a few things but have come short. Maybe @C-Beats can point us in the right direction? Is there a way to set selected="false" to a Desaturated property? Or reduced opacity on for the non-selected items on the CoverFlow? If it's hard to be done by code or not possible, I think I may have
  11. Salut viking ca va? Love all the work you've been doing. Just wanted to chime in with my opinion on the TextGamesView My vote definitely goes to TextGamesView1 or TextGamesView3. I think the decision is difficult because both are really nice obviously but I think for TGV1 (oh le train) it's probably better when one is sitting close to a smaller screen like on your PC monitor, but with TGV3 it looks much better on a TV and those Context Mockups you made on the TV really helps to visualize that. Since I'm gonna be using it mainly on my TV (I don't know if there are numbers on wh
  12. awesome. will do when the next push is out! Also forgot to confirm that I also have the missing icons in LaunchBox
  13. Hey @C-Beats Was able to go through the fixes you guys put out. This is what I found: The below point has been confirmed fixed from my end: The below point has been confirmed fixed from my end: Unfortunately this issue below has not been fixed, I'm assuming this is "Grid jumping" when selecting items in a grid: If the total games I have are 6, 7, 8, 9 or 15 total games the whole grid jumps up/down by 1 row. If I have any other amount of total games like 5, 10, 12, 14 etc then behavior is normal and as expected. You can see the behavior from
  14. Amazing, thanks so much @C-Beats for remembering and notifying me ! You guys work fast, wasn't expecting to be able to test everything so soon. Will do that as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning (European time here). Will update you guys tomorrow. Wish you all a great evening!
  15. Awesome. will do. I tried to solve for the maths to guess what actually went wrong behind the scenes for fun. After getting into prime numbers and stuff I gave up
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