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  1. hey no problem glad I could help! One thing I'd like to point out @fawkesyeah : 1. You said you changed the Orthographic camera position from 0,0,5 to -1,0,5. Try to change that back to 0,0,5 as from my experience it can affect the behavior of the grid different the more games are added/removed. the only thing you should be changing to adjust the view spacing for a cleaner one-size fits all should be the Width property within the orthographic camera. Try it that way and see if you can get the same result by keeping 0,0,5. 2. To have the initial screen start with rows at the top
  2. Yes you can do that but you will have to open the .xaml file. Go to the following folder on File Explorer: LaunchBox/Themes/ and here duplicate the Default folder and name it something you'd recognize Go into BigBox and in Manage Themes load the newly created folder name it should appear there Go back into the File Explorer and under the new Folder name you gave the duplicate go to Views so it should be like this: LaunchBox/Themes/NewName/Views/WallView.xaml and Right-Click open with Notepad Then do a Find in Notepad and search for coverFlow:flowcontrol there you
  3. Can anyone help with the syntax/code of adding a change to opacity for non-selected games in the CoverFlow view? I am nearly done with my custom theme for the new 11.10 but the default non-selected CoverFlow games are too dark for the white background so would like to reduce opacity to around 0.33. I tried using <coverFlow:FlowControl.OpacityMask><Brush> as well as Style Triggers but keep getting errors. Is there a simpler way to do this? Thanks a lot! <coverFlow:FlowControl x:Name="FlowControl" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" HorizontalAlignment="Str
  4. haha! Really you guys are the best. Rare to come across such an awesome and passionate group of people!
  5. It would be my pleasure @C-Beats Anything you guys need I'm here to help!
  6. The new WallView Grid for Games works great, safe one possible problem. The new WallView with a coverFlow:FlowControl property NavigationRows="1" similar to @faeran 's theme POC theme works great by placing the first games at the top of the screen rather than the middle, but does have unexpected behavior as noticed by @Bedwyr in his last point in this post What I have found is that if the Total amount of Games in the WallView is equal to 6, 7, 8 or 9 Games when placing the selector on that 2nd row the whole 2 rows jump down together. This does not happen on any other amount of
  7. Oh amazing idea! Much cleaner solution, thanks a lot!
  8. Thanks for the update @C-Beats Yeah exactly in a theme I'm building I want one item to show at a time, I resolved that by keeping the VisibleCount at 2 for now and just increasing the Spacing. Also depending on how you might resolve the "0" Error I let @y2guru know maybe in a future version he can disable setting VisibleCount to 0 so that no one runs into that issue moving forward. Thanks again
  9. After having downloaded 11.10 I encountered some problems in the behavior of some of my custom created themes with Community Theme Creator. After lots of trial and error I was able to reproduce the problems accurately starting from a clean copy duplicate of the Default theme that ships with 11.10. It has to do with the VisibleCount property within coverFlow:FlowControl I modified a copy of 11.10's Default theme PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml The following are the issues I encountered: VisibleCount="any negative integer" If it's set to -1, -2 or -3 the images are not d
  10. I do have 1 Row of boxes with a defined start and end. And it shows only 1 instance of each game without duplicating any of them (Endless = false by default). So that's good to have. Good to know that the rotation of the boxes might be potentially addressed in the future, as it would be amazing to have the full CoverFlow with showing 1 instance of every game without it looping. Thanks again for all your help
  11. Hi @y2guru not sure if I should post here or message you directly, but a theme I created in your last stable release was working great, but with the latest LaunchBox 11.10 the VisibleCount = 0 gives back an error saying cannot be divided by 0 while in the previous to LB 11.10 it would work without any problems. Changing the value to an integer less than 0 also removes the Image to be displayed, and putting an integer above 0, adds multiple elements at once on the screen. Not sure if it's a compatibility problem or a bug, but thought I'd bring this to your attention for now. Do you know if ther
  12. Ok took a look at the Default WallView1 code that comes with 11.10 it's exactly what you described. Essentially without touching anything what you described would be leaving it as is is currently the closest I can get to what I wanted correct? Would the "Endless" potentially be implemented in future versions to be able to get something similar to Image 1 I posted above with CoverFlow specifically? Thanks again
  13. Thank you very much for your tip @C-Beats I will try that editing a duplicate copy of the default theme WallView1 that comes 11.10. Really appreciate all the help. Will report back for anyone looking to do this.
  14. Thanks for the quick reply. I found the documentation and it's super helpful. I do have a custom theme I used in the version previous to 11.10 and added Endless="false" in flowcontrol but as I read in the documentation "If a CoverFactory has been this set this setting will respect CoverFactory's endless property" but my CoverFactory is the default Binding CoverFactory. I end up with something like this: <coverFlow:FlowControl x:Name="FlowControl" Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="0" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" Opacity="
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