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  1. Jason asked me to change it to ensure people know it is not directly associated. Since I have added support for another front-ends, this makes sense.
  2. Not sure what to say, lol. I've never ahd anyone report this. Can you show me the screenshot of D:\LAUNCHBOX ?
  3. Click the drop down list on the left. Is it empty? Click "Reload" as well...
  4. Because of the way LB does its adds and appends characters and what not as well as handles special characters, this is tough to handle. The primary issue comes if you add them yourself and it detects them. If you scrape, it will work much better. There is no way for me to tap in to what file LB actually thinks is associated with each ROM exactly. I have to make lots of assumptions. Because I scrape and update, mine is almost 100% accurate.
  5. Let me look into that issue as something seems to have changed as I see the same issue now but never did before (and I havent changed the code)
  6. Thanks! I'll look into this as I honestly forget how I set that up. Give me a little bit to investigate.
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