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  1. For everyone: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/53167-marquees-sega-dreamcast/
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Custom Marquees for the Dreamcast platform. Examples:
  3. Marquees - Sega Dreamcast View File Custom Marquees for the Dreamcast platform. Examples: Submitter igotdvds Submitted 01/11/2020 Category Game Marquee Images  
  4. This was a personal choice as these are the images most crucial to my setup. I'll look at expanding the gallery to all. Do you have an example of a manual that exists but isnt loading?
  5. Check the downloads I added a while back...might be what you are looking for... https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/category/19-game-marquee-images/
  6. App has been updated. I imported Army Men - Air Combat (USA) and had no issues with the art. I fixed gallery as well.
  7. Got it...will address. When my library is complete, it makes troubleshooting difficult. Lol
  8. I did. Do you have an example where it isn’t working? I built in wildcards for filenames as such (*).*
  9. Check the released forum. Posted a new page with hosted app so I can update for you guys without having to redownload. Let me know if you have any issues!
  10. I present LaunchBox media Manager. I preface that I built this for me thus the functionality may not suit everyone's needs but I'm open to feedback. Download here: LINK What it does: Select your root LaunchBox Directory. Platforms, Image types, and Game lists will populate. Select a platform and image type. Select a game and see the current image for that title and type. Choosing "Gallery" will show the Box-Front, Marquee, Fanart, and Clear Logo. Drag an image on top of another to replace it or add it to the appropriate folder and the with appropriate name for LaunchBox recognition. Click the "Missing items" filter to only show games that are missing that particular image type and quickly update them by dragging and dropping. Search the web for images for a game title. Open the images directory from the app. 1.4 Updates Added delete button for images and videos Added multi-image viewing Reworked code to account for images with -01,-02,-03 more effectively and reduce inaccurate results. 1.3 Updates Cleaned up interface Changed color scheme to gray Added support for manuals (adding, viewing) Added support for PinballX media management (this is disabled and will only be enabled by request as I'm not sure anyone else but me wants it and I want this to be Launchbox focused) 1.2 Updates I forget, lol 1.1 Updates: Added platform name to web search and remove "images" as well as open images tab in google Added functionality for videos (snaps and themes) Added ability to copy and paste images from the web (direct image and url) Screenshots: To be done (based on feedback): Add functionality for music Beta thread here:
  11. New version released. Fixed the issues with -01,-02,03, etc. and cleaned up the interface.
  12. Ideally, yes. Do you know how to accomplish this? I would love to approach it this way but filenames, locations, and XML appeared to be the only option from outside the application. Yes, I don't handle for 02,03,etc. This seems easy enough as long as I cap it at some number, perhaps 3. I also handle for the straight filename as well without the -01.
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