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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED MY FRIENDS! It looks like the problem was exactly the special character on my path. I did the following: 1. Uninstall and delete Launchbox and emulators. 2. I installed launchbox on the following path: D:\LaunchBox 3. I installed Retroarch on the following path: D:\LaunchBox\Emulators 4. I moved my roms to the following path: D:\LaunchBox\Games 5. I set up all the Retroarch definitions like the video 6. I imported the roms and set up my emulator (retroarch) properly and everything worked just fine, including SNES, NES and Neo Geo It reall
  2. Yes, by that method (open RA and then load core then load content a SNES game) it runs SNES, NES and even Neo Geo games. I can also access SNES and NES on the main menu: The only strange thing is that Neo Geo don't have those menus like SNES or NES, but everything runs fine directly on RA.
  3. Focusing on SNES: I went to RA online updater and I got Snes9x (without a year in the name) and change the command line to the following: I tried to start on launchbox more than one SNES game and still nothing happened.
  4. I only have to thank you guys for your patience, seriously! Launchbox have a great community! Yes, I have "Open Retroarch" I and it works just fine, but it doesn't start the game, only opens Retroarch and no core or game is loaded:
  5. On my main PC (Windows 10 x64 bits) I have Retroarch x86_64 installed I also tried on my other PC (windows 10 x32 bits) and I used Retroarch x86
  6. Finally I'm not alone in this! It really is strange, and everything looks right but on Launchbox anything envolving Retroarch doesn't start.
  7. Can it be any definition inside retroarch? I did the online updater like the videos, so I think is everything ok. I also tried the same setup on other PC with windows 10 32bits but I have the exact same issues.
  8. I think that's everything is set properly and everything is playable inside retroarch 1.5.0. When I try to launch games with retroarch via LaunchBox anything happens. This is my summary: 1. Retroarch Cores folder: 2. Emulator configuration on Launchbox: 3. Platform configuration: 4. Rom folders:
  9. I have no development on my issues. Any adicional help?
  10. I think that you are experiencing the same issues that I'm having. Here's my unsolved post:
  11. That's what I am doing on both cases and still both don't work. At this point I really don't know how to fix this 2 issues. For instance, I noticed on retroarch, when I try to scan a directory (my NeoGeo roms folder) on the right menu option, he founds the games but it doen't create anything at all, but I can play my NeoGeo roms by using Scan file then load archive. Only NES (nestopia_libretro.dll) and SNES (with bsnes_accuracy_libretro.dll core) was added on RetroArch menus, but no one worked for me on launchbox. Is that normal?
  12. Any aditional solutions for me @lordmonkus? How about @SentaiBrad?
  13. So I still have te same problem with both NES and NeoGeo. It has to be about the Retroarch itself right? But I tried once with 1.4.1 stable and I had the same issue with NeoGeo before.
  14. I set up on launchbox my NES games with retroarch with nestopia core like your video, and I am experiencing the exact same thing with launchbox. With RA i can play the game with nestopia core. I had the same error on launchbox, with Attempt to hide console window on startup/shutdown marked. Does NES need any bios to put on emulator system folder?
  15. I have to select all NeoGeo games on launchbox, rigth click, edit, then set field: Emulator and Value: Retroarch? It didn't solved my problem. I'm not sure what bulk edit tool is though.
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