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  1. ExoDOS Import

    RPG Pack v3 on Archive will be updated/corrected... Adv v3.1 Pack due to size will require more time...
  2. ExoDOS Import

    Now eXoDOS Vol II: RPG v3.0 is up again
  3. ExoDOS Import

    He disabled the RPGv3. I guess the v3.1 is coming. Rest are v2.
  4. ExoDOS Import

    Hi @eXo! Got the 3.1 Adv update. As you said its very easy, just point to v3 folder. It took about a day to "check" and then very fast updated the 249 new files (dated today)! Tx for all your time and hard work!
  5. ExoDOS Import

    Dear Angelo please look for earlier exo messages in here. He gave all info
  6. ExoDOS Import

    If not free for anyone the ignore my last. For me I dont need to :-)
  7. ExoDOS Import

    @eXo Hi there. Do you want me to "free" the torrent in PD?
  8. ExoDOS Import

    @eXo forget the torrent at the moment and take care your health and family at the moment. Torrent can be done once you are well and feeling better! Thank you for all your work and making retro players happy!
  9. ExoDOS Import

    @eXo Wanted to say also a big tx for all your time and efforts in the past and running years. PD still has your complete v2 in 5 splits (vols). This would work for most of us in ref to v3! Are you planning to post a new import tutotial with the v3 release? Do we keep the image packages in this topic or not needed with v3?
  10. ExoDOS Import

    Very kind update Dan! Tx!
  11. I thought Jason was in touch with Syntax X to make this work. I dont know what happened but was happy to see all these minds in one place.
  12. Which MS-DOS Collection?

    Down to the point! So for collection or specific titles you can use Total DOS. For lets say plug an play eXoDOS. I like the fact that exo did the split sets. As an adventure game fan, the adventure set if more than enough. ScummVM 1.9 also has lots of staff/langs etc. but I personally dont need other lang titles or the same game in multiple langs (which is good for archive purposes) But with Total DOS 14 things might change as all exoDOS might be included in there. TDC release 13 (PD).xml
  13. eXoDos collection question

    Complete guide 2017
  14. Which MS-DOS Collection?

    It would be nice to hear some comments from the experts in the field. eXo is in the forum eXoDOS: eXoDOS Vol V: Action, Version 2.0 07/2014 93.163 GB eXoDOS Vol IV: Sim/Sports/Racing/Edu, Version 2.0 07/2014 95.981 GB eXoDOS Vol III: Strategy, Version 2.0 07/2014 49.412 GB eXoDOS Vol II: RPG, Version 2.0 07/2014 18.100 GB eXoDOS Vol I: Adventure, Version 2.0 07/2014 119.406 GB TotalDOS v13 Total DOS Collection - Release # (lucky) 13! 02/2017 46.919 GB Celebrating 10 years of DOS archiving A major update this time around, over 2,000 additional titles made it in since #12 was released just 6 months ago. This releases REPLACES TDC #12 in whole
  15. Big Box Cinematix

    Hi James. I think adfly links are part of AP links. They advised sometime that they had to reach a certain limit to get rid the adfly.