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  1. Hey man i am following your instructions, could you tell me how to mass edit the xml files in notepad++ im seeing the lines for each game <applicationpath> etc but i don't know how to mass edit them all at once thanks, also my exodos folder is on my D drive and launchbox on E so could you possibly show me how you have done yours thanks
  2. hey has anyone found a good solution to sorting out the naming and copies of each game when importing WHDLOAD, i have to manually rename each one to scrape for metadata and merge all the duplicate copies of the games together and its going to take forever, anyone got a way around this thanks
  3. got it sorted for anyone with the same problem for some reason the " dont use quotes" box on the emulator setting and "use file name only" had to be unticked for it to work.
  4. hello i have set up atari 5200 like in brads video but i'm using MAME latest version, associated the platform with the a5200 -cart etc, set my rom folder in mame, imported the roms to launchbox, but when i try to run the roms i get nothing mame doesnt even load just doesn't do anything. Any help?
  5. So i'm on this latest beta and I've imported my mame rom's as arcade, i'm starting a fresh launchbox as i have a new drive its finished importing but no arcade classic playlist? have i missed out something ?
  6. Hey i'm on the latest beta and iv'e been updating my entire library of games to launchbox and lately the platform side bar is out of order in terms of alphabetical its all messed up now, any way to rectify this thanks. Posted a image as well to show what i mean, it was always alphabetical but now its all random.
  7. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6147702?hl=en-GB i just use the options like in this article
  8. i dont have that myself so im not sure buddy, i just have a featured video for subs and new comers i dont think they autoplay
  9. i do if anyone wants to check it out! going to have a look at the ones posted here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbVTbzldH-91ZJfahtRZUsw
  10. how does the auto-populate function work jason? do i just import my roms and they put themselves in different playlists like Arcade, what about roms already imported thanks
  11. ok mate thats great info i will look into that getting my M.2 tomorrow
  12. thanks for the reply, the first option sounds good to me i don't mind having to import the metadata again just not the media so cheers mate
  13. Hello i'm buying myself a M.2 drive tomorrow for OS, which leaves me with a SSD to use for what ever. I want to move my launchbox folder over to the SSD, currently its installed on my hard drive which also has all my rom's on it. I only want to move launchbox! i'm going to keep the rom's on the hard drive, how would i go about this? i want to keep all my images and game video clips i don't fancy downloading them all again lol. With the metadata i don't mind downloading that from launchbox again as long as it pulls in my existing media, i was thinking of downloading a fresh copy of launchbox copying over my media "box art, game play videos" and then importing all my rom's again. Hope this is making sense and any help would be great thank you :).
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