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    eXoDOS v4

    Lol. I probably just chose to exclude adult games. Have no memory of seeing it. Sorry. Oh well. Solved it atleast. Thanks for an amazing package. The amount of work needed to put it together is out of my scope to even imagine. It was enough work for me just to go through the list and see what I should keep on Launchbox. 😛
  2. sketaful

    eXoDOS v4

    So I downloaded the eXoDOS 4 and moved all the files to the correct folders for Launchbox, but it doesn't seem like Leasure Suit Larry (any of them) exists. I checked the folders and they're there in the games folder and in the dos! folder, but they're not added in the msdos.xml. Have I missed something? EDIT: Uhm ok. I am suppose to run the setup.bat right? Then merge the data-folder in eXoDOS with the data-folder in LaunchBox? Anyway, that's what I did and the MSDOS.XML doesn't have the Leasure Suit Larry games. But, checking the xml-folder where there's also an MSDOS.XML file that one lists the Larry games. Should I have used that one instead? I feel I have missed something here. EDIT 2: Ok. Fixed it. Seems like there is about 53 games missing in the data/Platforms/MSDOS.xml compared to the XML/MSDOS.xml.
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