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  1. neo.snk

    Redream Emulator

    using rocketlauncher?
  2. the folder is name by default sony playstation and that what i name the png, still nothing. i try to other option but no luck at all
  3. that could be the problem, i was naming the png as same as the folder. thank you alot
  4. i have a problem with clear logos on 3 platforms, i have try to place the clear logo on the platform/sony playstation. i have try to cache the image on big box but when i do, it will delete the clear logo from the folder. thank you in advance
  5. if you haven't found the problem with redream here is the solution, on the file extension on RL where you setup add the cdi, chd and gdi. that is the solution to the problem
  6. how do i send the category to the platform?
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