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  1. Hell ya I finally figured out what the problem was. It was Steam. I did a lot more digging around on the internet and found someone mentioning closing Steam. Well of course mine is pretty much always open so I closed it and lo and behold it doesn't do it anymore. Thanks for trying to help guys. My world just got a lot better. lol
  2. Ya I don't think it's the PS4 controller as I tried my 360 pad and it does the same exact thing. I've also had the buttons in automation remapped to different buttons and the close game button has never been on the start button. It's drivining me crazy. I'm wondering if something in windows 10 is doing it?
  3. I'm not using DS4Windows. Am I suppose to use it when using Launchbox? I have it installed but barely use it since Steam and almost everything else hasn't required me to use it.
  4. Hello everybody. So I'm really new to Launchbox, just downloaded and bought premium today, and I can't figure out my controller issue. Every game I've tried through Wii, PSX, & NES so exits the game anytime I press the start/options button on my DS$ controller. Also if I press the right trigger the screen flashes and the controller won't work in the game anymore. I've searched the internet and also the forums and couldn't find anything mentioning these problems. I've gone through the pad configs on the emu and in LB and still can't fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any help.
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