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  1. Hi SentaiBrad, I'm using that plug-in currently to get some of my favorite Commodore 64 stuff in there, it's great! I was hoping there might be a text parser program to try parsing the data into a local backup copy of my Commodore.XML for Launchbox. Google Refine looks promising, but my scripting in Python experience is limited to some pretty basic Deep Dream stuff. Refine also just makes tables, not entering variables into a pre-existing XML database. The 22,541 programs aren't all games, and also aren't intuitively named, soooo I was hoping to do this and get all the Magazine, Home
  2. Hi all, I have a very large Commodore 64 collection (22,541 programs, over 2 GBs in .t64). Very few of the games are actually in the database. Note: Some have been cracked because often the manuals and cardboard that came with the games have all been destroyed or are sitting in a landfill. Since this is about the basic metadata and not the legality of the games, I hope it's okay to ask for help. My situation is that I have a very large folder where all the games are in separate subfolders with a .NFO file that has a large amount of pertinent metadata. I'd like to know if there is a w
  3. Hey there! This is a great plug-in! One feature that would be nice is to be able to add in a custom url for the plugin to download the image from and enter it into the games image metadata, similar to the Youtube Scrapper plug in. That way when you find the perfect image you'd right click, copy link, and then enter it into the system easily.
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