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  1. Download them one at a time here at PinSimDB.org or get them courtesy of Google Drive and myself in bulk.

    Last time I checked Future Pinball is freeware and the Launchbox police will not cart you off to jail for talking about it.

    As far as libraries go this is all the PC playable tables from PinSimDB.org complete with table images and clear logos,

    of note I left out table author credits since you will see their names in the load screens.


  2. Minimize steam and you can use your desktop on it, also they make controllers

    for your phone. I heard you can run Retroarch natively but I didn't have much luck, if

    anyone else has let me know please.

    As far as streaming goes wireless was passable for reading the news but lagged a bit on youtube , wired streaming was a dream though.

    While they don't sell Steam Links anymore they have a free Steamlink app which lets you turn any old laptop or computer into a steam link.

  3. I would suggest first to not make your user name your email, second check up  top in image group make sure it's not stuck on something other than box fronts, I would also make sure you are shutting down launchbox properly and not through say task manager.

    Those are popular platforms and usually scrape very well, there might be errors in the import process or file setup etc usually it's an unchecked box here or there that messes things up - I would play around a bit on a test build see what works and what doesn't while also watching some Launchbox tutorials.

  4. On 6/18/2020 at 5:37 PM, DOS76 said:

    Only issue I have with it is it struggles with X-Men titles don't know why but it usually won't find covers for them. Also I converted a lot of my comics to WebP format and it doesn't support that either.

    My only complaint is 300ish out of 5k from a "various comics file, x-men went well only 14 missed out of 568, the bulk of my collection is done, I'm very pleased.

  5. As a little side project I've acquired nearly 13k in digital comic books and have imported each one into Launchbox.

    I've found the best way to do box fronts is to run each title in LB with CDisplay Ex

    and take a screenshot of the comics front page(within the emulator), however 13 thousand is a lot.

    Anyone here know of or can make a plugin that automates this?

    I'm thinking there's a lot of potential if you consider all the printed media turned digital..

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Haven't done much just yet as some of the games I've downloaded so far are on the biggish side and I'm currently low on disk space.

    For sets like these I typically download the game and install it then I make up shortcuts in the folder where all the games are located then I import

    those into LB.  I think bare minimum it'll just be box fronts and an xml at first then a few months later I'll revisit and make or find clear logos then video snaps

    later on. Not really sure how to combine efforts off a split workload maybe upload shortcuts then import them into LB to make one complete xml.


  7. this might be helpful if you need box fronts- I went manual mode through all 2700 titles filling in what LB missed

    clear logos included also but most are generic purple ones made in bulk (I'm assuming).  Atari ST

    thanks for the share also 👍


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  8. This fills in missed media,  replaces a few dark clear logos etc

    -consider it supplemental.

    Is there default platform media from the database? If not I've included it.

  9. Congrats Launchbox on finally being able to import Epic Games Store titles 👍🙂

    Here's  media for all their free offerings (might have missed a few) - images xml and platform art ,

    I've brightened a few clear logos, 88 titles so far, any video making folks out there interested in making a

    Epic Games Store platform video or have a link to an existing one?

    Epic Games Store.7z


  10. Add your folder titled Big Box Startup Videos to Launchbox -Games

    Additionally add the same folder to Launchbox-Videos if you want video previews ,

    you can upload them to sites that will squish them down to smaller 480p sizes

    This same technique can apply to all video files as the videos are the "games" and video previews"

    at the same time albeit at possibly double the storage space, set vlc as default emulator naturally.

  11. Glad there's interest in this, yes the files are from the 8tb hyperspin build, Im catching up on projects lately I'll have this one knocked out soon enough .

    Thanks for the tips I would'nt have thought to use gzdoom as the emulator- pretty clever.

    I did a Wolfenstein 3d pack awhile ago so  figured DOOM was next.

    Lots of free time these days I'll be hunting down every Doom mod I can gathering artwork making snaps etc 👍

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