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  1. 90 Glorious Fan Made Touhou Games!! Custom Touhou Anime /Gameplay videos This will be the final Touhou Posting- links below to everything!! Box cover art, clear logos and Big box art included video snaps coming. Touhou Fanmade Touhou Fanmade pt II clear logos Touhou Anime Touhou 1-5 Touhou Project TouHou Project 3D Boxes and Video Snaps by cemfundog Check out these other Touhou inspired sets also Project Blank Seihou Project Other Works Future Pinball Wolfenstein 3d Mods Big Box Startup Videos
  2. "Touhou? What the heck is that? " Then I played.... Thank you ZUN for this Masterpiece of 27 titles 😃🍻🙂 Don't let the cutesy girls fool you, this is Bullet hell Schmuppery at it's finest ! Art vids xml included Big box intro vids: Touhou Project.mp4 Touhou_Project_1-5.mp4 Not one but two platforms! Touhou 1-5 Touhou Project Info-tainment Lunatics Woah! Wiki Check out these other Touhou inspired sets also Project Blank Seihou Project More to come! Banner Clear Logo Device Fanart (included in the set) For 1-5 I use anex86 (included) you will have to go to Tools/Manage Emulators add anex86 point it to the executable in Launchbox/Emulators/anex86/anex86.exe The other games (Touhou Project) have their own executables you might need to edit each game and point it to the proper exe sorry if this is the case in hdd1 click the ... button and browse to your hdi file located in Launchbox/Games/Touhou Project 1-5 (if anyone knows how to automate this message me and I'll update the post) Touhou_Project.mp4
  3. Amazing series from the late 90's a true pioneer of anime , only wish they came out after HD... Any chance you can upload the XML found in Launchbox/Data/Platforms? This would truly seal the deal so to speak. Thank you for your efforts regardless. While a Cowboy Bebop game imo would've been stellar at least we have a full feature movie to tie up the TV series. Five Stars must watch 🙂
  4. In three years of collecting I only recently came across this amazing eclectic and tough as nails danmaku shoot em up. Enjoy 🙂 -----------Seihou Project------------- Info: Wiki Fandom Big Box Video (Long) Seihou_Project.mp4 Banshiryuu Banshiryuu.mp4 Kioh Gyoku Kioh Gyoku.mp4 Shuusou Gyoku (only working in windows 2000 sadly) Shuusou Gyoku.mp4
  5. Here's a little gem I came across awhile back - Project Blank !! Samidare.mp4 All Files Included! Xml Images Big box art etc Project Blank Enlightenment: Touhou Wiki Fansite Official Site Project Blank.mp4 *Note - You might have to Right click the game select Edit / Set Application Path to - Launchbox/Games/Project Blank/Samidare (Shortcut) also you may have to fiddle around with Config to set resolution poke around a bit and you'll figure it out
  6. 187 Tested working Wolfenstein mods in one package for Windows 10! 😎 Just in !! : Wolfenstein 3d Videos!! Custom Clear Logos recently added! Game title and gameplay screenshots included! Games re-titled Publisher and Notes added Xml File Included! Easily add files from the wolf pack folder to your Launchbox and be playing in minutes All games are controller configured Super Wolfenstein HD , Wolfenstein 3d VR and Unwirklichstein powered by Unreal Engine The Wolf Pack 187 (1.6gb) Big Box media files also included Super Wolfenstein HD.bmp
  7. Big Box Startup Videos Platform Showcase Kit (v2) Big Box Startup Videos 1 Big Box Startup Videos 2
  8. The Tables are coming the Tables are coming !!!! Get em while you can Future Pinball Tables!! 1-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S1 S2 T1 T2 U-Z Secret Bonus My Future Pinball 2000 table set, painstakingly imported each box cover added one at a time and each title renamed. *update* Now improved with a full clear logo set! 😃 see it here the files unzipped cover art emulator platform images platform video xml instructions links to video snaps etc emulator, xml file, Bigbox/Launchbox artwork included! 2 months of work downloading tables and art getting the emulator running making clear logos for Better Arcade Mode tables - BAM Future Pinball Loader included but if needed or info (had two corrupt box front images MOON and Rat fink) add your unzipped tables from http://www.pinsimdb.org/ to Launchbox/Emulators/Future Pinball/Tables
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