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  1. I'd just take the movie bits (skip menus and stuff) and import them into Shotcut to make a single video file or alternately find it on the net somewhere.
  2. should be 2671 tables , sorry things are a bit of a mess I'll be revamping soon, I've never tried running them outside the emulator folder but I think you would have to hi light all the tables in LB (ctrl A) , click on tools - change rom folder path for selected games option and set a new location.
  3. Get the XML file copy it to Launchbox/Data/Platforms Copy the Box fronts clear logos etc stuff to Launchbox/Images Get the emulator and the instructions to set it up properly. You could do these things and then start downloading all the tables- they go in the tables folder found in the Future Pinball emulator folder I've retitled all the table names from lower case so mixing in other people's stuff might mess things up. ie missing artwork tables etc however as my screenshots show this is a complete set box front / clear logo wise. Will be starting a comp
  4. Its roughly $750 , artwork and xmls etc stored on the cloud and across a few hds. I keep them mostly offline and un-powered just waiting for 16 or 20 tb drives to get a little cheaper before a proper complete backup - aka "relying on the good ol' internet"
  5. JBOD ,4 years of tedious tedious artwork, adding platforms inplementing new non copyright platforms (12 dozen platforms ready to go in minutes - check my posts for links, when net speeds and hard drive costs per tb drop I hope to share all my work with the retro community...
  6. Nice!! How long has this been around? It gets rid of the annoying scroll to top after deleting a game annoyance, and a nice little game count letting you know how many are left!! We approve! 👍
  7. Updated the link for Box Fronts and Clear Logos etc.. thanks Sundog for the BAM info.
  8. I never bothered with it but I believe you have to play BAM tables to take advantage. I could be wrong.
  9. Was more poking fun at how long from now an emulator will arrive, wish I had seen this post, I spent all morning compiling my own haha also although I'm sure I'm missing everything released this month. Perhaps you can upload your set?
  10. I got bored sooo here's Ps5!! The "roms" are actually trailers with vlc as the emulator.
  11. Knocked this out earlier today - its Sony Playstation 5!! While neither perfect or complete and definitely not a replacement for the real ps5 platform, think of this as more of an Exhibition lots of artwork and metadata compiled for each.The "roms" are Ps5 game trailers btw. Lots of art and metadata , notes etc included, set vlc as default emulator. Four platform videos to choose from also 👍 Download: Sony Playstation 5 Sony Playstation 5.mp4
  12. skip xbox (only 30ish titles even work) pony up for 3tbs of GC/PS2 goodness.
  13. Nothing stopping you from making your own PS5 platform - you'll be leagues ahead of everyone in the late 2020s when the first game sort of runs on a PS5 emulator. I can see some value in a ps5 set in LB maybe for a showcase, it'd have to be hooked up though imo- all the art, publisher info notes video snaps to be worthy I would combine video snaps with game review videos tacked on , make it something people could peruse to check out ps5 games.
  14. Ummm Yeah, 2tb not gonna happen, however you could easily build your own using my list (I compiled mine from top 100 best comics postings mostly) Can't tell you where to get the actual comics but do a few google searches and you'll figure it out. CDisplay Ex for emulator, and Comic Utility Belt for box fronts special thanks to DOS76 check out his amazing set HERE
  15. Ive got about 30k or so left to do within 2 dozen or so platforms - anyone have Nintendo E Cards completed?
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