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  1. As a kid I never really got into comic books, maybe read a few at a friends house here and there, consider this my introduction to the vast world of comic books and low quality video editing (my first work) It's a bit long but I hope you find it entertaining. 50 k.mp4 Project size: 2tb
  2. lou silver

    Extras for Games

    You could just import them into their respective platforms and use adobe reader, sumatra, vlc etc set as emulators in LB to run them, that's what I've done for my comic book/multimedia build.
  3. Have you set AHK to run as admin? In your launchbox folder/emulators/Future Pinball find the future pinball executable (labeled FP with a green box with an H for an icon) right click it and select properties, select the Compatibility tab and at the bottom check the box marked Run this program as an administrator hit apply then ok (you'll receieve an error in game if you dont run as admin) more tables here : Future Pinball
  4. Images updated, I suppose I goofed and used an old set that wasn't updated, anyway just redownload and replace the whole Doom Image folder, oh also in Bigbox make sure to refresh all images in the options menu.
  5. lou silver

    Kool Aid Man

    A tribute to the Kool Aid man. Oh Yeeeeeah!! The Adventures of Kool Aid Man (video by New Sage , music from here The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man.mp4
  6. Sorry it's a small yet annoying price to pay selecting the proper Iwad. I deleted the actual roms of commercial releases but left their entries and art installed - you'll have to edit each one and point it to your game location.
  7. Scdkeys has em for less than half that usually $14 on sale go with the top rated seller of course I only recommend since I've personally bought a half dozen keys from the site with no issues.
  8. Two more (9 and 10) Beavis and Butthead seasons in the works!! Just so happens I recently imported all the videos into LB complete with box fronts clear logos and Big Box art/videos. Beavis & Butthead.7z
  9. I'm working on this new VR app called "real pinball table" It only costs $3,500 dollars!!
  10. Download them one at a time here at PinSimDB.org or get them courtesy of Google Drive and myself in bulk. Last time I checked Future Pinball is freeware and the Launchbox police will not cart you off to jail for talking about it. As far as libraries go this is all the PC playable tables from PinSimDB.org complete with table images and clear logos, of note I left out table author credits since you will see their names in the load screens.
  11. Minimize steam and you can use your desktop on it, also they make controllers for your phone. I heard you can run Retroarch natively but I didn't have much luck, if anyone else has let me know please. As far as streaming goes wireless was passable for reading the news but lagged a bit on youtube , wired streaming was a dream though. While they don't sell Steam Links anymore they have a free Steamlink app which lets you turn any old laptop or computer into a steam link.
  12. I would suggest first to not make your user name your email, second check up top in image group make sure it's not stuck on something other than box fronts, I would also make sure you are shutting down launchbox properly and not through say task manager. Those are popular platforms and usually scrape very well, there might be errors in the import process or file setup etc usually it's an unchecked box here or there that messes things up - I would play around a bit on a test build see what works and what doesn't while also watching some Launchbox tutorials.
  13. Seems like the program hits a corrupt file and halts , Importing in smaller batches helps sort out the few bad files. Go to your comic book folder location and search "comic archive", copy the files into another folder then make a second folder and move a couple hundred at a time and export.
  14. My only complaint is 300ish out of 5k from a "various comics file, x-men went well only 14 missed out of 568, the bulk of my collection is done, I'm very pleased.
  15. So glad I asked about this before trudging along!! It's working nice and was easy to figure out👍 It uses the file names too !! SO SO nice!! export then drag n drop!! Too easy!!
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