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  1. Glad there's interest in this, yes the files are from the 8tb hyperspin build, Im catching up on projects lately I'll have this one knocked out soon enough . Thanks for the tips I would'nt have thought to use gzdoom as the emulator- pretty clever. I did a Wolfenstein 3d pack awhile ago so figured DOOM was next. Lots of free time these days I'll be hunting down every Doom mod I can gathering artwork making snaps etc 👍
  2. I went the budget route with 4x Seagate 8tb Expansion drives (usually $119 on sale) and a 2tb Toshiba 7200 internal for LB, I game/edit on a smaller custom build on my SSD only plugging in my externals when needed as to extend their lifetimes- until they are replaced with higher capacity cheaper drives coming in a few years. Load times are tolerable and should improve once shucked and installed internally ( Im replacing my 2tb hard drive with a 2tb m.2 soon , shucking all drives and adding a final 5th 8tb). Some WD drives require adapters if shucked so research before you buy. A lot of times Ive found the contacts found on the pcb are corroded and can be cleaned with a pencil eraser I've revived a half dozen drives - especially external drives , if you don't have the special screwdriver bits you can lay a rubber band over the screwheads and wedge in a philips head to get them loose. Vids on youtube ..." hard drive eraser trick "
  3. 36 New videos added , xml and artwork included 3-20 Big Box Startup Videos update
  4. Check this out N64 meets AI magic !! Gaming Revived 180+ titles so far Nintendo 64 Hi Res.xml
  5. Make a Coinops platform with shortcuts to each Coinops packs. Snag up a random rom file and run the usual import rom file option but name the platform CoinOps Drag n Drop your Coinops shortcuts into this platform and delete the dummy rom file you used to get the platform started. Updating my Coinops platform and sharing it with everyone is a near future priority so keep posted ..
  6. Never attempted this just bookmarked it years ago , might help Comprehensive guide to hiding Windows 10 completely for arcade cabinets
  7. what he said - although this is meant to be a showcase for all the videos - if I was setting up a build for a friend this would allow them to go through and pick out their Startup video for bigbox. Not overall useful to everyone but hey why not. I'll probably release an update for this set as its been nearly a year since posting.
  8. Not sure what you're trying to accomplish but it seems a bit unneccessary Delete all but the Atari St games , rename "Games" to Atari ST and put this folder in your Launchbox/Games Folder Move that unzipped Atari ST images folder I shared to Launchbox/Images Move this xml file to Launchbox/Data/Platforms Atari ST.xml all that's left is to add an emulator - there's video tutorials on you tube for that I use Hatari and the Retroarch hatari librettro core
  9. I've had the same issue when renaming /removing platforms Go into Launchbox/ Backups remove any instances of the unwanted platform/s from there as well as LB/Data/Platforms.
  10. Atari 800.7z all my art for atari 800 , it took forever getting box fronts expect a few placeholders
  11. lou silver


    I googled the 55 platforms I didn't have or ever hear about and only 4 really had any promise for importing - the rest were chinese clones, kid toys , vhs based games and canceled/failed projects. I'm assuming most are dumps with no emulators - Unisonic Champion 2711, Sega - Beena, Zeebo and Benesse - Pocket Challenge W , there were a couple other albeit smallish sets that might hold some promise , I'll revisit this later. Came across this post listing what systems have no emulator although its a bit dated it should help people know what to avoid if they so wish.
  12. By no means is this definitive and yes there are a few placeholders 111 titles SAM Coupé.7z
  13. Consoles and computers killed the arcades plus 50 cents to a dollar to play - forget that. I would suggest throwing a party at Chuck E Cheese - they let you play all the games no quarters needed. That pinball place looks awesome too. I would tell Jack Black about it he'd probably go there and film for his Youtube Channel
  14. Love to get that 12gb set Zombeaver , I have (25gb worth) 1000 maps 2000 characters downloaded but not all the ones I added worked so I gave up and just stuck with 150 Premade titles I can share all the media if anyone wants it however the games add up to a whopping 125gb
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