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  1. All the games with artwork done up real nice two and a half months of work. Your welcome.
  2. I spent ten weeks compiling this set downloading each rom painstakingly copy pasting artwork and re- titling everything, I even got permission from the creator to post all this does anyone know what command line/s one could use to make the emulator work directly from Launchbox? Pico-8 launches into it's own frontend after typing in "splore" to access said frontend , Voxatron seems to just auto launch into it's own frontend the games are pretty cool especially the remakes of other games.
  3. So I plunked down $20 for both emulators installed them and gave both platforms a go. Turns out when you run the emulator it just runs it's own frontend and you select games from there. Can anyone recommend a command line that will make the games run immediately? Thanks in advance!
  4. Platforms.7z Platforms.7z I might upload the platform videos if there's enough interest for now here's some platform images- copy to Launchbox/Images and my xml files- copy to Launchbox/Data/Platforms
  5. Spotted this fantasy console In JaysArcade's post awhile back and decided to import and share with everyone (his videos are included btw). From the creators website FAQ: What is a Fantasy Console? A fantasy console is like a regular console, but without the inconvenience of actual hardware. PICO-8 has everything else that makes a console a console: machine specifications and display format, development tools, design culture, distribution platform, community and playership. It is similar to a retro game emulator, but for a machine that never existed. PICO-8's specifications and ecosystem are instead designed from scratch to produce something that has it's own identity and feels real. Instead of physical cartridges, programs made for PICO-8 are distributed on .png images that look like cartridges, complete with labels and a fixed 32k data capacity. -------- The good: 4391 titles all in one place, renamed, complete with artwork Pico-8 Voxatron The not so good: The emulators are $19.99 on the creators site you can still play the games online however. For you creative types in the crowd you can make games with pico-8 also. Expect future updates, artwork fixes and emulator info (still haven't bought mine) a little later. Pico-8.mp4 Voxatron.mp4 Voxatron.mp4 Voxatron.mp4 Voxatron.mp4 Voxatron.mp4 Voxatron.mp4 Voxatron.mp4
  6. Yeah that's kinda large I wouldn't want to tie up your internet but I appreciate the offer. Be sure to check out my Wolf Mods I went all out on it lots of artwork and extra stuff.
  7. Nice collection! How large is your images folder and would you be interested in uploading it? Not trying to advertise but you should check out my releases I've got over a dozen platforms - Wolf mods doom mods Future pinball some art and media stuff , Touhou and touhou related platforms click on my avatar and check em out. Most are quick drag and drop installs literally take seconds, I also am big on artwork everything should have a box front and clear logo and video snap at minimum.
  8. I hung my 40" on the wall in portrait mode - no regrets and lots of vertical game packs, my favorite is one that uses an arcade machine template for each game as you scroll left and right it's kind of the poor mans arcade on the fly
  9. lou silver


    Everything but the games .. box fronts xml bigbox platform art and video !? Download here: Ouya Ouya.mp4
  10. I never got around to messing with BAM I think you just install it and run tables labeled BAM I have two big projects to complete then I'll be updating Future pinball with more tables and more bells and whistles.
  11. I'd just take the movie bits (skip menus and stuff) and import them into Shotcut to make a single video file or alternately find it on the net somewhere.
  12. should be 2671 tables , sorry things are a bit of a mess I'll be revamping soon, I've never tried running them outside the emulator folder but I think you would have to hi light all the tables in LB (ctrl A) , click on tools - change rom folder path for selected games option and set a new location.
  13. Get the XML file copy it to Launchbox/Data/Platforms Copy the Box fronts clear logos etc stuff to Launchbox/Images Get the emulator and the instructions to set it up properly. You could do these things and then start downloading all the tables- they go in the tables folder found in the Future Pinball emulator folder I've retitled all the table names from lower case so mixing in other people's stuff might mess things up. ie missing artwork tables etc however as my screenshots show this is a complete set box front / clear logo wise. Will be starting a complete revamp of FP soon BAM updated tables - a better emulation solution artwork and maybe a complete video snaps set.
  14. Its roughly $750 , artwork and xmls etc stored on the cloud and across a few hds. I keep them mostly offline and un-powered just waiting for 16 or 20 tb drives to get a little cheaper before a proper complete backup - aka "relying on the good ol' internet"
  15. JBOD ,4 years of tedious tedious artwork, adding platforms inplementing new non copyright platforms (12 dozen platforms ready to go in minutes - check my posts for links, when net speeds and hard drive costs per tb drop I hope to share all my work with the retro community...
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