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  1. Thanks Monk!! ๐Ÿ‘
  2. It's a platform and a resource if you want all the videos, I haven't updated since it's release so there's more to add if one wanted
  3. Is there any way to combine platforms? or alternatively merge xml files into one? Would renaming one platform with the name of another effectively combine them ? I've got a project consisting of 10 xmls each one I'm importing into LB and renaming and hopefully figure out how to make them into one platform.
  4. Most emulators let you change rom paths of course , chalk it up to laziness on my part I could change Mame rom paths but it's so essential and doesn't affect anything either way Anyway I hope people can enjoy all the artwork I've spent weeks compiling, and also peruse my build and post here on new platforms or platform ideas.
  5. Some emulators won't run unless the roms are in proper folders? I could be wrong esp with mame
  6. the screenshot shown is the actual build (for reference) oops I left in lb image cache folder it's chugging on unzipping, *fixed upload complete
  7. All my Platform and Playlist media - Banners, Clear Logos, Fanart, Device etc NO ROMS OR VIDEOS INCLUDED just artwork and xml files some artwork is incomplete and/or placeholders I'm always on the lookout for better artwork and other platforms feel free to share Launchbox 2020
  8. That'd be great to get going๐Ÿ˜ƒ , I was confusing the version number I think with another project , getting the newer version as well and wow even more games added ! 200k here we come๐Ÿ‘ two other Blue Maxima projects to I'd like to see working in LB - http://bluemaxima.org/auditorium/ https://bluemaxima.org/kahvibreak/
  9. Latest version 7.0 has 36k games! , asking Blue Maxima himself stated most likely the new build won't work in Launchbox. Just bringing up the subject of another front end got people a little defensive although I explained my goal is to get flashpoint working in LB not to replace it. Anyone want to tackle this and share some xml's? I'd settle for an old one if anyone has it and wouldn't mind sharing.
  10. I've just updated my Future Pinball set, more tables updated artwork and xml included to run tables you need the autohotkey script thing to be your fp executable, unzip the tables to their own folders in Launchbox- -Emulators/Future Pinball/Tables and when importing search for fpt files I've done all the work for everyone , got the tables, renamed them, compiled all the box fronts and clear logos Everything you need including instructions is included 2600+ tables If you're short on storage space just skip the tables downloads and get everything else, get the tables later or add your own and use the scan for removed roms function in tools menu to get rid of non existing tables
  11. Good news ๐Ÿ™‚ 600+ tables added/discovered!! download the update, cover art and new xml to get your table count to 2671! replace the xml in Launchbox/Data/Platforms (you may also have to delete Future Pinball xmls from Launchbox/Backups)
  12. I always wondered is it sun dog a k or just one long name -sundogak? Anyways good stuff๐Ÿ‘
  13. 90 Glorious Fan Made Touhou Games!! Custom Touhou Anime /Gameplay videos This will be the final Touhou Posting- links below to everything!! Box cover art, clear logos and Big box art included video snaps coming. Touhou Fanmade Touhou Fanmade pt II clear logos Touhou Anime Touhou 1-5 Touhou Project TouHou Project 3D Boxes and Video Snaps by cemfundog Check out these other Touhou inspired sets also Project Blank Seihou Project Other Works Future Pinball Wolfenstein 3d Mods Big Box Startup Videos Pandamoniom Cinematics (made with permision)
  14. "Touhou? What the heck is that? " Then I played.... Thank you ZUN for this Masterpiece of 27 titles ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™‚ Don't let the cutesy girls fool you, this is Bullet hell Schmuppery at it's finest ! Art vids xml included Big box intro vids: Touhou Project.mp4 Touhou_Project_1-5.mp4 Not one but two platforms! Touhou 1-5 Touhou Project Info-tainment Lunatics Woah! Wiki Check out these other Touhou inspired sets also Project Blank Seihou Project More to come! Banner Clear Logo Device Fanart (included in the set) For 1-5 I use anex86 (included) you will have to go to Tools/Manage Emulators add anex86 point it to the executable in Launchbox/Emulators/anex86/anex86.exe The other games (Touhou Project) have their own executables you might need to edit each game and point it to the proper exe sorry if this is the case in hdd1 click the ... button and browse to your hdi file located in Launchbox/Games/Touhou Project 1-5 (if anyone knows how to automate this message me and I'll update the post) Touhou_Project.mp4
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