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  1. Pressing TAB there is both a General input and a machine input, what is the difference between the two, and which one of the two should I edit to avoid conflicts. I don't know what I changed and now looks more messed up. How do I reset those to defaults so I can retry with more attention ? I edited for mistake the general input, I should have edited the machine only to test it. Any way to reset to defaults indipendently the General one and the Machine one. EDIT: Ok I fixed everything back, but I still would like to know how to reset those two to defaults settings.
  2. Hi, I've been enjoying the bigbox a bit, but I have a problem I don't like many games defaults keys, I'm using a Windows Generic USB Joypad (Mediacom) for instance Street fighter ones I would replace the strong kick punches since it's misplaced. For games with two buttons (shoot and jump or shoot and special attack I would use a different combo (for some games that require pressing two or more buttons for specials I would like to bind a single button to that combos example: Final Fight or King of Fighters), and so on with games with 4 keys. I would like to make changes to joypad buttons definition on the fly or maybe moving around different layouts while in game, using shortcuts/scripts or something. I'm using RetroArch as the base emulator, any idea on how to achieve something like this ? I ask because I think it would be painful to do it by hands by searching game by game, and assigning a config to this another to that and so on, it would also require to test it individually, instead doing it on the fly swapping button definitions would be pretty useful, possibly with a screen overlay that would be pretty cool.
  3. Yes it worked like a charm.
  4. Hi guys, I just bought Launchbox yesterday, It was a bit problematic setting it up to work with my retroarch installation (problem was that I had checked to unpack zipped files first, wasn't necessary and gave me lot of crashes). My Problem now: I have snaps video files in a directory for the roms (they have same name as the zipped roms), now I want to associate these files to corresponding Roms now catalogued by Launchbox. When I do a Mass Editing and choose video path, I cannot mass change that, it actually let me choose the directory and single files not just the directory and let it find the file by itself. Any help to solve this would be useful. Thanks.
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