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  1. See below They can be located iin CleanBG/Images/Platforms/Fanart
  2. messed around and created a new metallic theme banner for Arcade. It's a lil busy but I love it, filled with lots of capcom, snk, sf, darkstalkers, redearth, marvel chars
  3. Updated my original posts with better Xbox and Xbox 360 backgrounds (better shadows, used higher reso console images and added an OG Xbox Duke variant)
  4. Hey guys, if anyone still using this theme is interested, I've created banners and platform backgrounds for a few systems (Switch/Xbox360/PS3/Xbox/Colecovision/Intellivision) and you can find them in this thread:
  5. Not exactly sure I'm understanding the concept, might be a bit of my capabilities... PM a mock up with a better explanation and we'll go from there mate Was on a bit of a roll yesterday, so kept at it while this is still fresh in my mind lol Enjoy!
  6. PS3 banner for metallic theme if anyone needs it Currently working on a 360 & Switch platform banner EDIT:Switch banner added EDIT 2: Xbox 360 banner added!
  7. Personally don't have a need for Colecovision, but here it is mate, hopefully it's good enough for you
  8. Yep, as stated in post above, will more than likely be completed today If I find more time today after completing Xbox 360 then I'll give it a shot mate Also, I'll be creating platform character banners for anyone that uses the metallic theme. Below is OG Xbox, not great, but does the job lol
  9. Hey guys, I finally managed to find some time to get started on these requests, hope you enjoy them! Again, they're not perfect but I feel they're close enough to the original theme. I will more than likely have the Xbox 360 completed later today, but for now here's some variants of the Nintendo Switch
  10. I probably will at some point considering the recent progress of Xenia, yuzu & ryujinx. If I get some free time over the next couple of weeks, I'll try get them posted up here.
  11. Unfortunately I believe I deleted the PS3 file after exporting to jpg. Some good news though, I still have the Xbox w/o console
  12. hey guys, I put these together awhile ago, I'm not very good and they're far from perfect but they get the job done.
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