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  1. My best solution thus far has been having both the Switch Pro and Arcadestick connected to the magicns. The Switch Pro works well as far as I can tell, but the real problems lie with the arcadestick. I can't use four of the buttons, and I can't navigate the BigBox menu with the device. Luckily I was able to map what I wanted the buttons to respond as within mame. The only issue besides the loss of buttons and no BigBox navigation has been occasionally turning one of the controllers off spins the games wheel within BigBox automatically.
  2. They are both connecting to the MagicNS now, but the fightsticks controls are insane. Up on the joystick is actually left, down is right, and the ABXY buttons are also scrambled. Any software or anything I could do to fix that? I have the arcade stick in xinput mode as well as the magicns
  3. I came across this post looking for a solution to my controller nightmare. I have been fiddling with bluetooth adapters and controllers to try to come up with some seamless solution to wireless controllers working on my emulators. Currently , I have a wireless xbox one controller (connected via microsofts adapter), and a nintendo switch pro controller (connected via a mayflash magic ns). These two controllers have been working well after some initial tweaking. My issues came when I decided to add MAME to my launchbox as well as a wireless fightstick from 8Bitdo (connected via a 8Bitdo adapter). You seem like you've jumped through all the hoops and dealt with similar issues my build faces. I attempted syncing both the fightstick and switch controller to just a 8bitdo adapter, which didn't work. Connecting one would kick the other off. Then I connected both to the mayflash magic ns. Both could connect, however the 4 of the fightstick buttons were no longer useable. Any input you have I would GREATLY appreciate!
  4. I've also been trying to figure this out. My Nintendo switchs A button don't match up with my Xbox ones A button. Did you find a solution?
  5. Love this theme and it looks great on my TV. How do I add custom banners to games that don't have steam banners automatically scraped?
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