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  1. First of all your them is amazing. Insta-switched. Second, is there a way to show a playlist game count? I created a playlist wich shows with console and the game count is 0 when there's actualy 3 games in the playlist.
  2. That might do the trick. I'll check this out thanks.
  3. That was my understanding. I wouldn't mind turning off controllers in BigBox and simply mapping the keyboard with a 3rd party software like joytokey, for say. I just don't know how to set this up so the joytokey profile would start with BigBox, shut down or switch when a game is launched, and exti when I exit BigBox.
  4. Ok I've been searching for a couple of hours with no luck. I have a couple of controllers I use to play my games, a Buffalo Snes, a RockCandy Xbox 360 and a Logitech PlayStation. Everything is set up correctly with my games as I use RocketLaunchers and joytokey with a profile for each platform. The thing is I'd like to be able to navigate BigBox with everyone of them, with all the buttons mapped identicaly. So if I press the right button on any of the controller it will "back". The controllers are obviously not always plugged. If I play SNES or NES I will only plug my buffalo. And If I play PS1 with a friend I might plug the 360 and the Logitech. I feel like I could use joytokey to map everything and control BigBox but I just don't know how to set this up. Thanks for the help.
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