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  1. Thank you both for replying: I will be attentive to Jason Carr so he can get me out of trouble. I have read the forum and I have seen cases much worse than mine haha or I want to believe jajaj .. I hope that some update allows me to give solution to the erroneous view of big box. On the button Big Box Mode then appeared alone and I'm glad for that xD If Jason was not able either to help me or at least to give an explanation .. I would recently contact support@unbrokensoftware.com as it would be my last resort .. I ask you to forgive my insistence and if you want to invite other colleagues to try to solve this problem .. forward, I will not stop haha Good night and I'm still watching xD
  2. Help! How can anyone help me? I try to leave all the data of the problem that BIG BOX throws but only I gain visits and 0 help .. I would like to be able to enjoy themes and environments as I saw on youtube when I fell in love with the project but I am still with this "detail" of the wheels of the big box in the repeating views like bug. The Big Box icon inside Launch box already appeared .. I request assistance more than visits. If there is any section in the forum that is VIP where I must pay for support please ... I will be attentive.
  3. Good afternoon, everyone! OK, I'll try to be as accurate as possible: -In Game List View ... View: Vertical Wheel 1 View: Vertical Wheel 2 Vertical Wheel 3 Vertical Wheel 4 Full-page coverflow View: Cover Flow with details View: Horizontal Boxes with details View: Horizontal Wheel 1 Horizontal Wheel 2 Horizontal Wheel 3 View: List of Text with details Note: In the List View of Platforms all the views work perfectly. Note 2: This is repeated in all Big Box Themes, even in Default. I will be very attentive to your help! Note 3: The Big Box shortcut icon .. Disappear !!! I can enter the same with tools ... Even so ... I think it is not normal. Please help!!
  4. Thank you for your interest !! Right now I'm downloading in Launchbox from emumovies multimedia files from SNES. This process does not allow me to access big box momentarily. I think that during the night will finish that and tomorrow I will be able to access the big box where I take some screenshots of how you see the selected views and the wrong effect that appears to me. Hopefully those cracks of the forum also come to give me a hand. Please stay tuned and thank you again nathanddrews.
  5. Hello everyone!! When you change the views of the complete games in Big Box these (except for the 2 horizontal options and the first type vertical wheel) are shown type Coverflow or boxes and also some in Black Cover. They all look like that. Nothing changes. . I have tried with the theme default, CityHunter, CleanBG and also with CriticalZone. I do not know what else to do, I searched for info on this error in the forum and on the internet but apparently few knows how to solve it or never happened. I am very difficult not to know English and I have to adapt to a translator to seek help. For the same, I apologize if the translation is not clear: D I leave info that you may need to encourage your help: -LaunchBox version 7.10 -Lifelong license -Graphic Card Nvidia Gforce 970 (Video drivers updated to the latest version) - Intel i7 (3.6GHz) y 16GB RAM -DirectX 12 -Windows 10 64b From Chile (South America) I appreciate your support and be attentive to your solutions!!
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