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  1. Thanks for the update, Jason! Feature Request: Would love to see the ability for a default Genres View for Arcade now that the Improved Arcade Playlists are included. Basically, I want to get straight to the game library view in every other platform but arcade. I just want to hit arcade, see all the new genre filters, and then the game view after a genre has been chosen.
  2. @viking Thanks for these! Your theme and artwork is amazing. Quick request, can you please include the SNES USA model in these Hardware PNGs? I swapped out the video for your USA one but the PNG included here is the European version and it irks me every time I see it. Thanks again! EDIT: Also missing Pokemon Mini!
  3. Bug Report: Every time I try to replace the clear logo image for the Recently Played category, my Launchbox crashes.
  4. I am LOVING this new update @Jason Carr! Launchbox on Android is getting amazing. Quick feature request - I've noticed that when a game doesn't match during the scraping, even if I fix the match afterwards on a one-by-one basis, the media downloads just fine (videos and images) but the metadata still doesn't populate. If there's a way to get that going, that would be awesome. Anyways, thank you. Keep rocking!
  5. That wasn't my intention to be uncivil. I guess when I initially wrote it, I didn't write it with a snarky tone. More of a questioning and disappointing one. My apologies. It's great to hear that eventually it will be removed. Take a look, when you get the chance, at how DIG does the autostart with Android function. I believe this basically serves the same purpose and is more elegant for the majority of use cases. Thanks again!
  6. All apps that work as Android launchers don't work in Dex or other Android Desktop environments. Even if the feature is off. ArcBrowser and Daijisho do the same thing. They won't even run in Dex because desktop environments ARE a type of Android Launcher and you can't run launchers within those launchers. But like I said, DIG works just fine because there's no launcher feature in the app.
  7. And now... what was once mighty has fallen. I don't know why developers do this. DIG has a feature where DIG launches right when the device gets turned on. This is much better than setting up the frontend to be an actual Android launcher. Once an app is set up to be an android launcher, it no longer works in Android Desktop modes (so say goodbye to Samsung Dex and the Motorola/Xiaomi Desktop solutions), and it usually stinks at being an overall launcher. Why not just keep it as a regular application so it can be used everywhere and just have a feature that makes it startup once the system is turned on? This satisfies those that just want the frontend to be front and center on all those single purpose systems and it still takes care of the high-end users like me. Not being able to use Launchbox in Samsung Dex is a dealbreaker. I literally bought this Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 Ultra for emulation and Launchbox. Who was asking for this? Why did you work on this, Jason? What was the need for it? Was there some huge clammoring of people to have Launchbox be a launcher on their phones? Who wants that? I can't even imagine an nvidia shield user wanting this. They want their main launcher to switch apps and Launchbox to play games. It's such a niche usecase. I can see why someone with a Retoid Pocket 2 might want this, but you still have to do a ton of customization on those little Android handhelds - and trying to do those customizations with Launchbox acting as your Android launcher seems miserable. It's not designed for productivity. It's designed for making retro gaming beautiful. On my GPD XD+, when I turn it on, it launches DIG. It's perfect. Right into games. And then when I want to do something else on it, I minimize it and I get my regular android homescreen. This seems like the decison that takes care of everyone. Sorry for the long post. I am just really passionate about this. Trying to shoot for feature parity is important... god knows, I get it. But man. This just kills one of the best features of Launchbox for all of us Samsung, Motorola, and Xiaomi users out there. Now everytime I try to use video out on my phone or my tablet, Launchbox will not run on the external display. Because Samsung uses Dex for that purpose. Unless I want to mirror my screen, which sucks. Who wants to mirror a screen that's 21:9 on a tv? I'm really heartbroken over this decision. What I used to enjoy... What I get now with this new version...
  8. Oh no... 😭😭😭 There goes Samsung Dex support.... Literally the one thing that kept me from going to ArcBrowser... it was nice knowing you guys. I guess I'll just have to slum it in the cesspool with all the DIG users now...
  9. Would really love the ability to add or duplicate platforms that aren't in the prepopulated available list. With the new Dosbox-Pure core, you can play MS-DOS games in .zip - which works on Android, so you don't have to go through MagicDosBox anymore... even though I love that emulator, I would be fine with MS-DOS running in Retroarch in order to use the Launchbox frontend. Also would love a seperate platform categories for hacks, translations and what-not. I know you're essentially just one dude, Jason, working like a boss on this - and I commend the effort - but I've been playing with Daijisho, which is a brand new front-end that supports MS-DOS. The longer this feature takes, the longer I start eyeing the competition - and I've been an avid Launchbox user since forever. Is there a way we can setup a poll for next version features on the Android client like you guys do on the main Windows Launchbox? I'm sure tons of people on here would vote for different features on the roadmap than what's being delivered. (I, for example, would have loved to see this feature added before theme support) Just my .02! Again, love the work you're doing and love that Launchbox is getting better every month! Keep up the good work - and please note this is not criticism, just a friendly suggestion! PS- AetherSX2 and Redream directly launching games is dope. Would love Yaba Shanshiro 2 Pro & IrataJaguar to finally get added to that ever diminishing list. (one can always hope)
  10. You can get rid of the categories page altogether (which is what I did). Just remove the Default Secondary Filter.
  11. Jason, So I tried downloading the new versions of all the themes and swapping them out. Also moved my data folder from my microsd card to my internal storage on the tablet. No change. I then looked into the launchbox folder and it looks like the themes are utilizing box image thumbnails. And for some reason I only have one image in all the thumbnail folders but I have the full box images in all the other folders. When I go to download all missing media, it doesn't download the thumbnails. Do I just have to manually delete all the box images for every platform I set up and redownload them all? -Nabil
  12. That's probably whats going on. I'll give the deleting a try. Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.
  13. Any idea why this happens? All the other views show the box images just fine. It's just the Grid Views (both of them) always just show the first image and then they do this:
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